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The application note that was most viewed in 2021FY (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) is "What is qNMR (quantitative NMR) ?".
The second most viewed application note is "Delta Tips: DEPT/INEPT Tool", the third is "Comparison of 3D Imaging Methods in Electron Microscopy for Biomaterials".

The top 20 ranking of most-viewed application note is as below.
Applications note
Applications note

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Rank Title Product Group
1 What is qNMR (quantitative NMR) ? NMR
2 Delta Tips: DEPT/INEPT Tool NMR
3 Comparison of 3D Imaging Methods in Electron Microscopy for Biomaterials TEM
4 NMR tubes for special purposes NMR
5 Photonic Crystal Lasers EBX
6 Delta Tips: How to Export Spectrum to ASCII File NMR
7 Analysis of Asbestos –Distinguishing fine fiber one by one– TEM
8 Electrolytic ESR - Generation of p-Benzoquinone anion radical - ESR
9 Delta Tips: How to Measure Coupling Constant NMR
10 Structural Analysis of Semiconductor Devices by Using STEM/EDS Tomography TEM
11 Fast Pixelated Detectors: A New Era for STEM TEM
12 High Angle Backscattered Electrons and Low Angle Backscattered Electrons SEM
13 CLEMnote SEM
14 Delta Tips: Normalization of Integral Values NMR
15 Scanning Electron Microscope A To Z SEM
16 Development of the JBX-8100FS Electron Beam Lithography System EBX
17 The NMR application for medicinal screening NMR
18 JEOL A Guide to Scanning Microscope Observation SEM
19 Observation Examples of Processed Foods SEM
20 Electronic State Analysis by Monochromated STEM-EELS TEM

* EPMA is abbreviation for Electron Probe Microanalyzer.
* Delta is an analysis software for NMR.

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