GC-MS Applications: Qualitative analysis of pyrazole pesticides in tea leaf by using FastGC-HRTOFMS

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MS Tips No.147

FastGC method is a very useful technique for rapid GC analysis. On the other hand, GC-TOFMS has the capability of very fast data acquisition in comparison with other types of mass spectrometers. Therefore, TOFMS is most suitable to combine with the FastGC technique. In combination with the high resolution capability (HR-TOFMS) we can obtain very accurate spectra with exact m/z determination. In this application note, we describe the qualitative and quantitative analysis by FastGC/HRTOFMS of pyrazole pesticides (Fipronil, Ethiprole, Pyraflufen ethyl and Tebfenpyrad) in tea leaf. We confirm that rapid analysis with high sensitivity is easy to perform and very useful for fast screening.
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