Development of JEM-2800 High Throughput Electron Microscope

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JEOLnews Volume 46, Number 1,2011 Mitsuhide Matsushita†, Shuji Kawai†, Takeshi Iwama†, Katsuhiro Tanaka†,
Toshiko Kuba†† and Noriaki Endo†

† EM Business Unit, JEOL Ltd.
†† Electron Optics Sales Division, JEOL Ltd.

In recent years, new material developments utilizing nanometer-order structure control technologies are actively being carried out, as well as product developments using these newly developed materials. In the process of developing these materials and products, it becomes indispensable to use a scanning-transmission and / or a transmission electron microscope ((S)TEM) for the methods of morphological observation and analysis of a local area. Furthermore, in high-tech industries such as the semiconductor industry, the (S)TEM is installed in the site near the production line as an analysis tool for improving the yield rate of production and analyzing defect causes, and the user is making full use of the (S)TEM at any time of the day and night. However, installation of the (S)TEM in such a site often causes problems from the viewpoints of cost and usability. In order to solve these problems, the JEM-2800 High Throughput Electron Microscope has been newly developed. This report describes the product concept and features of this instrument.
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