JEOL believes that it is important to develop the human resources that will play a major role in the future science world. The Science Education Support and Science Camp are based on this philosophy and we, through these activities, aim to increase the number of young people taking an interest in science. Also, we are backing up young researchers through the Kazato Research Foundation.

Science Camp

JEOL has been engaged in the Science Camp, which offers activities designed to provide high school students hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies during their vacation times, sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Since 2004 we have been participating in the Spring Camp which takes place during spring vacation.

Science Education Support

JEOL has been engaged in the Science Education Support since October of 2007, mainly in the neighboring schools. By bringing desktop electron microscopes into class, we are providing kids with opprtunities to experience the micro world, which is not possible with the naked eye or optical microscopes. We strongly hope that the participants experience the pleasure of discovery and develop a greater interest in science through these lectures.

Zero Waste Campaign (Cleanup Project)

The JEOL Group began a community cleanup project in 1994 to regularly clean areas around the company including employees’ commuting routes from train stations.

Kazato Research Foundation

The Kazato Research Foundation was established in 1969 for the purpose of encouraging study in the field of electron microscopes and contributing to the promotion of learning. JEOL has been supporting young researchers through the activities of The Kazato Research Foundation.