Initiatives for the SDGs

Since before the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted and attracted attention, we have been deeply involved in cutting-edge scientific research and have worked to contribute to the solution of social issues and development in accordance with our company philosophy. The company philosophy is "On the basis of "Creativity" and "Research and Development", JEOL positively challenges the world's highest technology, thus forever contributing to the progress in both Science and Human Society through its products."

The goals and targets of SDGs address economic, industrial, social, and other issues. By clarifying "SDGs being addressed through business" and "SDGs being addressed through ESG initiatives", we reaffirm that the growth of JEOL will naturally lead to a contribution to the SDGs, and we are clearly providing our initiatives to respond to the expectations as one of the responsible parties.

JEOL is directly linked to the goals of the SDGs through our business activities, which is a key feature of us as company. In addition, JEOL has been public-oriented more than private-oriented since its foundation in DNA, which indicates our company culture where we have attached a lot of value in contributing to society.

JEOL Group is going to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through business development that leverages JEOL advantages.

Materiality Key Initiatives Targeted SDGs
SDGs being addressed through business

Provide products that contribute to people’s health, safety, and security

Provide medical equipment indispensable for the diagnosis and prevention of illness

SDGs 03
SDGs 11
Provide equipment with high sensitivity and accuracy that can analyze substances harmful to the human body
Provide manufacturing equipment that contributes to the further development of sensing technology
Contribute to scientific progress and the sustainable development of society Develop world-class scientific instruments supporting advancements in science SDGs 09
SDGs 17
Contribute to higher performance semiconductors supporting the communication infrastructure
Create advanced technology by promoting partnerships
Contribute to the conservation and sustainability of the global environment Provide measuring equipment indispensable for the R&D of green devices SDGs 07
SDGs 12
SDGs 13
Manage chemicals throughout the supply chain by using green purchasing
Develop equipment that reduces CO2 emissions by conserving energy
SDGs being addressed through ESG initiatives
SDGs Science Education Support
Conduct distinctive activities that contribute to the community and society Provide science education support (lessons) using electron microscopes at elementary and junior high schools SDGs 04
SDGs 17
Support academic promotions and the fostering of young researchers by donating to public interest incorporated foundations
Promote open innovation in collaboration with domestic and overseas research institutes and universities
Contribute to the conservation and sustainability of the global environment Streamline electricity use by introducing energy-saving equipment and other initiatives SDGs 07
SDGs 12
SDGs 13
Reduce CO2 emissions at business locations throughout the Group
Thoroughly separate, reduce, and recycle waste
Deploy the Don’t Litter campaign, a cleanup drive for beautifying the surroundings
Develop human resources and respect human rights Promote the creation of a workplace where females can more easily develop their careers SDGs 05
SDGs 08
Enhance systems to help bring balance to work and family in line with every person’s stage in life
Improve the awards program for employees making exceptional achievements

The SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) refer to global objectives to create a better, more sustainable world by 2030. They were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 and are included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets. These goals and targets deal with issues in such areas as the economy, industry, and society. Corporations, which lead economic activities, are expected to play an important role as one of the actors responsible for achieving the SDGs.