JEOL Releases the CROSS SECTION POLISHER IB-19530CP -Enhanced Functionality Empowered by Innovative Design-


JEOL Ltd. (President Gon-emon Kurihara) launched its newly-developed CROSS SECTION POLISHER IB-19530CP in April 2017.

Product development background

The CROSS SECTION POLISHER, a cross-section specimen preparation instrument, was first commercialized in 2003 and has become a market leader and one of JEOL’s best-selling products with cumulative sales of over 1,600 units.
With Utilizing a broad argon ion beams and a shield plate, IB-19530CP can prepare smoother cross sections with less distortion deformation in comparisonas compared with generalto the more traditional mechanical polishing methods. These features have made the CROSS SECTION POLISHER an instrument of choice for preparation of a variety of specimens (from paper and polymers to microelectronics and superalloys) widely used in broad applications for the preparation of specimens to be used analyzed with a scanning electron microscope, an electron-probe microanalyzer or an Auger microprobe.
The innovative design of IB-19530CP features a newly developed, multi-purpose stage to fulfill increasingly diversified market needs and realize multi-functionality by using different kinds of function holders. The multi-purpose stage combined with specialized functional holders allows the user to perform a plethora of functions, such as planar surface milling and polishing, sputter coating as well as more traditional cross-section ion milling.
Moreover, the highly durable shield plate of the IB-19530CP can reduce maintenance costs by about 50% as compared with conventional models.
The CROSS SECTION POLISHER has now evolved to meet broader needs at affordable cost.

Main Features

  • High throughput
    The high-speed ion source and auto start function deliver milling results quickly.
  • Auto processing program
    High-speed processing and finishing can be programmed to achieve high quality cross sections in a short period of time. Intermittent processing can also be programmed to enhance preparation of low melting temperature and ion beam sensitive materials.
  • Ease of setup
    The modularized function holder allows correct ROI adjustment either inside the IB-19530CP or by utilizing an external optical microscope.
  • Multi-purpose stage
    Additional functions including planar surface milling and ion beam sputter coating can be utilized via a variety of holders.
  • Highly-durable shield
    The shield plate is about three times as durable as conventional products, which allows for a higher processing rate and longer lifetime.

Main Specifications

Ion accelerating voltage 2~8kV
Milling speed 500μm/h
Max. specimen size 11mm (W) x 10mm (L) x 2mm (T)
Specimen swing function Automatic swing of specimen during milling by ± 30° 
Auto start mode Processing is automatically started once a preset pressure value is reached
Intermittent mode Pulse-controlled ion beam radiation reduces ion beam specimen exposure during processing
Finishing mode Fine surface finish milling is automatically started once processing is completed


Annual unit sales target

130 units / year