JEOL Ltd. (headquartered in Akishima, Tokyo; JEOL hereafter) and DI Corporation (headquartered in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea; DI hereafter) entered into an agreement for JEOL to acquire all of DI-owned shares of JEOL KOREA LTD. (headquartered in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea; JK hereafter) and make JK a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEOL.

Background and Objective

In overseas operations, the JEOL group has provided direct sales and service through its 100% subsidiaries in many areas, where high end scientific equipment is in increasing demand, in order to enhance the corporate value. Taking full ownership of JK in Korea, a large market with important users concentrated especially in the semiconductor industry, will allow us to strengthen our sales and service operations under the group’s business policies.
This action is part of our effort in continuously expanding our sales and service operations overseas.

About JK

  • Location: Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Founded: 1994
  • Sales: 22,289 million won (2018)
  • URL:http://www.jeol.co.kr/

About DI

  • Name: DI Corporation
  • Location: Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Founded: 1955
  • Sales: 212,506 million won (2018)
  • URL:http://www.di.co.kr/