Release of the New Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-IT700HR. SEM – Essential in Daily Lab Operation – JSM-IT700HR Makes it Easy


JEOL Ltd. (President & COO Izumi Oi) announces the release of a new scanning electron microscope (SEM), the JSM-IT700HR for unprecedentedly high throughput, to be released in August 2020.

Product development background

Scanning electron microscopes are used in a wide range of fields, such as nanotechnology, metals, semiconductors, ceramics, medicine, and biology. In addition, SEM applications are expanding to not only basic research, but also quality control at manufacturing sites. With this, demands are increasing for faster data acquisition of higher-quality SEM images and for easier confirmation of compositional information by seamless analysis.

Based on our highly successful and award-winning predecessor of "InTouchScope™" series SEMs, the JSM-IT700HR is equipped with our in-lens Schottky field emission electron gun (FEG). Under the current increasing technological innovation, this new powerful SEM allows for observation and analysis of further miniaturized materials in daily laboratory operation.

With the well-established JEOL FEG technology, the JSM-IT700HR delivers a high resolution of 1 nm and a maximum probe current of 300 nA (15 times higher than previously), thus providing a wealth of observational and analytical information. A simple-to-operate user interface significantly simplifies observation and analysis in the SEM. In addition, this compact high-resolution SEM accommodates a large specimen chamber and is fitted with a new and improved anti-vibrational support for the main console. Consequently, all of these features and improvements of the JSM-IT700HR achieve unprecedented observation and analysis.

For enhancing "Simple operation," the JSM-IT700HR incorporates a new function to display the characteristic X-ray generation depth, which is integrated into the SEM GUI. This allows for the quick understanding of the analysis depth (reference) for the measured specimen, leading to effective elemental analysis.

The JSM-IT700HR SEM can be equipped in 2 configurations. 1) JSM-IT700HR/LV for high and low vacuum image observation, 2) JSM-IT700HR/LA which also includes an integrated JEOL EDS system.

Main Features

  • The in-lens Schottky field emission electron gun allows for high-definition image observation and high spatial-resolution analysis.
  • The Zeromag function, which links Holder Graphics, CCD and SEM images, makes sample navigation easier than ever.
  • With our "Analytical series" (Live Analysis function), the embedded EDS system shows a real-time EDS spectrum during image observation for efficient elemental analysis.
  • A new function to display the analysis depth (characteristic X-ray generation depth) supports fast elemental analysis.
  • SMILE VIEW™ Lab, enabling integrated management of image and analysis data, facilitates report generation for all data from collected SEM images to elemental analysis results.
  • "Specimen Exchange Navi" enables safe and simple specimen exchange.
  • With the Auto Beam Alignment function, the electron optical conditions are always kept optimum.
  • "Drawout exchange system" allows easy access to the large specimen chamber, which accommodates various sizes and types of specimens for extended observation and analysis.
Note: The photo of the instrument is JSM-IT700HR/LA.

Annual unit sales target

130 units/year (initial year)