The data by a JEOL 300kV TEM, JEM-ARM300F2 and a new laser system by IDES, Inc. will be presented by the research team of AIST and Osaka University, at M&M 2021(U.S.A.)


The research group of Dr. Ryousuke Senga, Electron Microscopy Group, Nanomaterials Research Institute, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Professor Kazutomo Suenaga, Department of Nanocharacterization for Nanostructures and Functions, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR: SANKEN), Osaka University, succeeded in recording atomic-resolution in-situ movies of growing carbon nanotubes and onion-shaped carbon nano structures in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). The structures were formed by laser irradiation of samples made of carbon films and iron nanoparticles.

This experiment was conducted using a JEOL 300kV Transmission Electron Microscope with a cold field emission gun, JEM-ARM300F, and a new system designed by JEOL subsidiary Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc. for precisely focusing lasers onto TEM samples, Luminary Micro. This combination of high-performance imaging instrumentation and reduced sample motion due to precision-controlled rapid localized illumination enables extraordinary spatial resolution for in-situ experiments.

The details of this research will be presented by Dr. Senga during the Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) 2021 Conference, held in the U. S. from the first to the fifth of August 2021.


  • Poster Title:
    In-situ TEM observation of the growth process of carbon nanomaterials by laser irradiation
  • Presenter:
    Dr. Ryosuke Senga et al.
  • Poster Presentation Number:
  • Symposium:
    P01.P2 - Advanced Imaging and Spectroscopy for Nanoscale Materials Characterization
  • Symposium Date:
    Wednesday, August 4, 2021
  • Symposium Time:
    4:30 PM - 6:00 PM EST (US Eastern Standard Time)

The part of the movies to be presented is available by the following links.