Our paper has been published in "Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance"


Our paper has been published in "Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance". It is a collaborative work by RIKEN-JEOL Collaboration Center, TIFR Hyderabad and JEOL RESONANCE Inc.
We have developed a novel method to probe local 1H-1H proximities through DQ/SQ correlations in rigid solid. The method is called MIxed Selective Excitation/Recoupling And Broadband recoupLing Experiment (MISERABLE).
Although 2D DQ/SQ spectra have been widely used to observe proximities, heavily overlapped 1H resonances often pose difficulty to resolve correlations. In MISERABLE approach, a well separated 1H peak is selectively excited then selectively transferred to neighboring 1Hs. This MISE scheme allows selective polarization of a particular 1H regardless to spectral overlaps. Finally, DQ/SQ correlation is observed to probe the local proximities of the selected 1H nucleus. We believe the method is useful for structural analysis of small to middle sized molecules.