Start shipping new cold field emission cryo-electron microscope CRYO ARM™ 200 II (JEM-Z200CA)


JEOL Ltd. (President & COO Izumi Oi) announces the development of a new cold field emission cryo-electron microscope (cryo-EM), the CRYO ARM™ 200 II (JEM-Z200CA), dedicated to single particle analysis of proteins, and the start of its shipment in January 2022.

Background of the Development

Transmission electron microscopes are designed for a variety of applications and may not always be the best configuration for some applications. Even in structural biology, the functions required of a microscope are different between tomography and single particle analysis methods. In response to a lot of demand for single-particle analysis of proteins in recent years, we have redesigned our cryo-electron microscopes dedicated to single-particle analysis, continuing to incorporate the cold field-emission electron gun, cryo-sample storage, and in-column energy filter (Omega filter) that have made the CRYO ARM™ series so popular. The CRYO ARM™ 200 II (JEM-Z200CA), which is equipped with a new high-resolution pole piece, has been developed and is now available.

Main Features

  • Electron optical system optimized for single particle analysis method
    To provide a high resolution and contrast, a new pole piece with a spherical aberration coefficient (Cs) of 1.5 mm and a chromatic aberration coefficient (Cc) of 1.8 mm has been designed. In addition, a cold field-emission electron gun and an Omega filter are configured to the new system. New CRYO ARM™ 200 II are expected to provide higher resolution data than the previous model.
  • Improved usability
    An automatic calibration function for the Omega filter has been added, and an illumination system with less fringing has been adopted to further improve usability of the new CRYO ARM™ 200 II.
  • Improved stability
    The evacuation system and cooling system have been improved to further enhance the stability of the new CRYO ARM™ 200 II.

Main Specifications

Electron gun Cold field-emission gun (Cold FEG)
Accelerating voltage 200 kV
Energy filter In-column Omega energy filter (New Omega Filter)
Specimen cooling temperature 100K or less
Specimen storage Up to 12 specimens can be held.
Options JEOL Automated Data Acquisition System for Cryo-EM (JADAS) and others


To be released soon.