We are changing the world with Electron Beams

A little trip into space

Space travel, which was only a story in science fiction movies, is about to become a reality.
Yet, it is still not something that anyone can easily afford. One of the reasons space travel is so expensive is because of the cost of traveling by rocket.

JEOL's electron beam additive manufacturing technology has the potential
to drastically reduce the cost of rocket development, manufacturing, and even fuel.

The electron beam metal AM machine "JAM-5200EBM" makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase output, reduce the cost, and shorten development time by high quality and high repeatability modeling, integration of multiple parts, and weight reduction.
Together with JEOL's additive manufacturing technology, innovation is advancing at an unprecedented speed.

Making “a little trip into space” a reality. We are changing the world with Electron Beams

JEOL Additive Manufacturing Technology

Using technology of the world's highest level performance electron microscope and electron beam lithography system for semiconductor manufacturing,
JEOL has developed an "Electron Beam Metal AM Machine" with higher power, higher density and higher speed than other laser beam methods.
It allows for cost savings and design freedom through increased productivity.


Long Life Cathode over 1,500 Hours and Helium-Free
Electron Beam Metal AM Machine

Main features

  • Long Life Cathode
  • Helium-Free and powder dispersal prevention system "e-Shield"
  • Automatic Electron Beam Correction
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Realization of an eco-friendly and sustainable society
  • After-sales Service to more than 130 countries


  • Long Life Cathode

    Long Life Cathode

    "The Long Life Cathode, which lasts over 1,500 hours, can greatly reduce downtime for cathode replacement." The secret is JEOL's original vacuum technology, developed in the manufacturing of electron beam related equipment.

  • Helium-Free and powder dispersal prevention system "e-Shield"

    Helium-Free and powder dispersal prevention system

    No helium gas is needed to prevent scattering of powder. JEOL's unique powder dispersal prevention system avoids the scattering phenomenon. Thanks to the helium-free environment, not only can parts be manufactured in a clean space at a low-cost, but "the surface of the cathode is also less susceptible to damage, allowing the electron beam to remain stable." As a result, the manufacturing quality can be maintained until the end of the cathode’s lifetime.

  • Automatic Electron Beam Adjustment

    Automatic Electron Beam Correction

    The focus and spot shape of the electron beam are automatically corrected according to the irradiation position by the technology developed in our electron beam lithography system for semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Remote Monitoring System

    Remote Monitoring System

    The manufacturing status and the machine conditions can be checked from a remote location at any time. An alarm notification function is also available.

  • Realization of an eco-friendly and sustainable society

    Realization of an eco-friendly and sustainable society

    With JEOL’s “Electron Beam Metal AM Machine”, you can build more than one part in a single printing process. Almost no cutting is required, preventing materials from being wasted.
    Reusing metal powder is another possibility. Thus, JEOL is working on the realization of an eco-friendly and sustainable society.


After-sales Service for more than 130 countries

We have direct service locations in more than 30 countries, and after-sales service for more than 130 countries.


Technical Data

Main Specifications

Manufacturing methodPowder bed fusion
Manufacturing dimensionsMaximum 250 mm (Dia.) × 400 mm (H)
Electron beam outputMaximum 6 kW
Lifetime of cathode1,500 h or longer
Chamber pressure (during melting)0.01 Pa or lower
Inert gas (for charging prevention)Not required
Manufactured product cooling systemEquipped
Powder dispersal prevention systeme-Shield
Beam correctionAutomatic (Focus, Astigmatism, Distortion)
Power supply3-phase, 200 V (±10%), 35 kVA
Weight4,900 kg
Data formatSTL




Akihiko Chiba

Revolution in material development by additive manufacturing using electron beam melting
 -Departure from the legacy over thousands of years

Akihiko Chiba
Professor, Deformation Processing,Institute of Materials Research,Tohoku University

Additive manufacturing technology that uses AM Machine to produce metal parts. It is expected to revolutionize parts for aircraft and rockets, which require strength and reliability. We asked Professor Akihiko Chiba of the Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University, who is leading the way in metal additive manufacturing technology in Japan, about the potential of this technology.


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