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Serial Block-face SEM JSM-7200F・7800F / Gatan 3View®2XP
The 3View®2XP (Gatan Inc.) is incorporated into the Schottky field emission scanning electron microscope that can produce fine electron probe at a high current over long periods of time, making it possible to automatically create cross sections of the specimen and obtain images. The 3D reconstruction of the acquired images enables detailed analysis of the fine structures in three dimensions.

System Outline

The combination of the 3View®2XP (Gatan, Inc.) with the JSM-7200F/ 7800F allows you to obtain a large quantity of slice images over a wide range. This makes it possible to perform three-dimensional reconstruction of regions of several hundred μm. The 3D reconstruction reveals cell structures in the Z direction that cannot be seen with 2D images.

External view


Automatically repeated slicing of the specimen and acquisition of images makes it possible to acquire a large amount of slice image data. The acquired slice images are stacked and processed with reconstruction software to generate the 3D image.

Application data

Click the "replay" button in the box above, and the movie will start(for 2 minutes)
Mouse brain synapse
Segmentation data
Yellow region : Synaptic vesicle
Green region : Postsynaptic density
Red region : Postsynaptic cell

Sample : Courtesy of Professor Deniz Kirik and Lina Gefors, Bioimaging Center. Medical Faculty. Lund University.


JSM-7200F JSM-7800F
Resolution 1.2nm (30kV)、3.0nm (1kV) 0.8nm (15kV)、1.2nm (1kV)
Accelerating voltage 0.5 to 30kV 0.01 to 30kV
Magnification x 10 to 1,000,000 x 25  to 1,000,000
Slice thickness 15 to 200 nm (Biological samples: 25 to 50 nm)
Slicing speed 0.1 to 1.2 mm / s
Knife slice distance 1.2mm
Stage movement range X/Y: ±700μm Z: 600μm


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