BS-60060DEBS Electron Beam Source

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BS-60060DEBS Electron Beam Source
An electron beam source providing the ultimate minimization of the backscattered electron dose to the substrate. All the features and performance of the BS-60050EBS, with the addition of a longer-life filament and improved reproducibility.
  • 270° electron beam deflection
  • The service life is significantly longer than the conventional type of filament (U-shaped filament)
  • The quantity of backscattered electrons directed toward the substrate is greatly reduced, making it possible to reduce film absorption and damage to the substrate
  • Equipped with a variable accelerating voltage mechanism, enabling the accelerating voltage to be switched without exposing the vacuum chamber to atmospheric pressure
  • A guide mechanism providing reproducibility of the grid assembly and excellent beam characteristic reproducibility
  • Improved maintainability for filament replacement and cleaning
  • Compatible with the JEBG-102UH0 electron beam source (180° deflection type), and can be mounted interchangeably.

Melted remains

Features a beam incidence angle perpendicular to the deposition material, and a high energy-density beam spot that is nearly a perfect circle.
Since the high-speed sweeping function is standard, it is suitable for deposition onto sublimation materials and oxides with low thermal conductivity and high melting point
Can obtain excellent melted remains, enabling uniform, reproducible film thickness distributions over a wide area.


Maximum output 6.4 kW (-8kV, 0.8A)
Accelerating voltage range -4 kV~-8 kV
Beam deflection angle 270°
XY sweep width ±20 mm
Cooling water flow 5~8L/min (water temperature 10~25℃)
Workable pressure 5×10-5~7×10-2Pa
External dimensions 180 mm (W)×215 mm (D)×140 mm (H) 
※excluding protrusions


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