BS-64010SCT Scan Controller

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BS-64010SCT Scan Controller
The melted remains of deposition materials can be improved using various calibrations of the electron beam scan signals of the electron gun power supply.(for JST-F power supply)

PC-based pattern programming offers an easy operation to make optimal scan patterns.

  • Setting of the optimal scan pattern for each type of material is possible
  • The dwell time of the beam spot can be adjusted visually on PC

Selection of 4 modes

  • Normal mode
  • Circle mode (circle perimeter of spiral)
  • Free position mode (point)
  • Line mode

Up to 15 patterns can be stored for each electron beam source, saving the optimal scan pattern for each material.

  • Patterns can be made for pre-melting patterns and deposition patterns.
  • After saving to the device (internal memory), the PC can be eliminated.
  • Pattern files can be saved on PC and be transferred to the internal memory of scan controller.
  • Scan controller works without PC after transferring pattern files.



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