BS-72050ICE Electron Beam Power Supply

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BS-72050ICE  Electron Beam Power Supply
The next generation power supplies for electron beam source, with high efficient switching supplies, a variety of functions and excellent usability. The adoption of the multifunctional remote allows users to make detailed settings to maximize the performance of the electron beam sources.
  • CPU-controlled switching supplies for all output to electron beam source(s)
  • 3 stage arc suppression system
     (equipped with an arcing counter, and arc count output function)
  • Includes a multifunctional remote control to enable control of two EB sources
  • Selectable three sweep mode in the standard configuration
  • Available functions include basic adjustments of the electron beam source, beam dwell time adjustment, variable accelerating voltage adjustment, pattern operation (filament annealing/ degassing), degaussing function, and a filament usage  time counter
  • Analog signal control for external operation
  • Wide range power input 180~242V
  • High-efficiency, energy-saving power supply (electric consumption) (10% lower than JST-F series)
  • Significantly lighter than the conventional JST-F (160~200kg reduction)
  • CE compliant (safety)



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