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BS-EBM series Multipurpose Electron Beam Melting Furnace
A vacuum melting furnace for refining and producing ingots from high-melting point, active metals using various types of crucibles with the electron beam as a heat source. A compact melting furnace, suitable for small volume production as well as R&D. The crucible type, shape, material supply system and electron gun output can be selected to suit the application.

Horizontal rod feeder + Hearth + Draw cast mold

Raw materials in the form of a rod are delivered as the EB radiation is performed, and drop into the hearth,
where the material is thoroughly melted, and poured into the water-cooled casting mold
The melting, and casting are performed in the water-cooled casting mold to produce ingots.

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Vertical rod feeder + Draw casting mold

Material is placed into the crucible for bar melting, or  
a granular material can be fed from a feed mechanism.  
The bar-melt crucible is attached to the horizontal rod feeder section to anable zone melting.
The zone-melted material is drip-melted into the draw casting mold that is attached to the vertical rod feeder  
The vertical rod feeder is equipped with raise/lower and rotation mechanisms,   
making it possible to perform the drip melting into the center of the draw casting mold to achieve stable setting speeds.  


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Material feed mechanism + Hearth + Rotating cylinder casting mold 

Granular materials is fed into the hearth from the feed mechanism. 
The material is pre-melted in the hearth, and then 
poured into the rotating cylindrical casting mold 
and the layers aresolidified  

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2 electron guns can be mounted

2 electron guns can be mounted to suit the application and required output 
It is possible to assign each electron gun to multiple targets during EB irradiation  
such as to the hearth and the rotating casting mold, or to the rod 
and the draw casting mold

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Exchangable crucibles (button melt, bar melt, pouring crucible)

There are 3 types of crucible that can be attached to the rod feeder section 

These allow a variety of different materials to be processed 
Each crucible is attached/ detached to an exchange flange on the tip of the rod feeder, 
making it easy to exchange the crucuble 

3 crucible types
(1) Water cooled for button melt
(2) Water cooled for bar melt
(3) Water cooled, pouring crucible

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Compact installation

The BS-EBM was designed to be used even within a laboratory setting, 
with the ceiling heights and installation space requirements kept to a minimum 
(W 3.0 m x D 4.0 m x H 3.5 m)*1 
*1 The instrument dimensiona and installation space requirements will vary 
according to the drawn ingot size and selected electron gun power supply

Power supplies for a range of outputs
Can be choosen to suit the mounted electron guns and desired maximum power (30 kW. 100 kW/ 300 kW)

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