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EM-09100IS Ion Slicer™

Innovative Specimen Preparation Method for TEM / STEM / SEM / EPMA / AUGER

The Ion Slicer can prepare thin-film specimens without solvents or chemicals and requires no prior treatment of the specimen other than rectangular slicing (no disc grinding or dimple grinding).

The Ion Slicer prepares thin-film specimens faster and easier than conventional preparation tools. A low-energy, low-angle Ar ion beam irradiates the specimen while a thin shield belt allows low-angle irradiation of the Ar ion beam (from 0° to 6°), drastically reducing ion-beam irradiation damage to the specimen. The result is a high-quality thin film with few sputtering artifacts--even in soft materials. The Ion Slicer can efficiently prepare thin films from specimens having different compositions, even those having porous composites.

Highlights include:

  • High quality TEM pre-treatment
  • Fast preparation
  • No complicated pre-treatments
  • Minimal surface damage

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Ion accelerating voltage 1 to 8kV
Tilt angle Up to 6°(0.1°step)
Beam diameter 500μm(FWHM)
Milling rate 5m/min (8 kV, silicon) 
Gas for beam irradiation Argon
Recommended specimen size 2.8mm (in length)0.5 mm (in width)  0.1mm (in thickness)
Pressure measurement Penning gauge
Main evacuation system Turbo-molecular pump
CCD camera Built-in
Dimension and weight Main console 500mm(W)×600mm(D)×542mm(H)、63kg
Rotary pump 150mm(W)×427mm(D)×230.5mm(H)、16kg
LCD monitor 326mm(W)×173mm(D)×380mm(H)、3.7kg

Installation Requirements

Power Single phase,  AC100 to 120V, 50/60Hz, 500 to 600VA
Grounding terminal 100 ohms or less
Argon gas Pressure: 0.15±0.05MPa(1.0 ∼ 2.0kg/cm2)
Argon gas flow rate: About 0.2 ccm
Purity: 99.9999% or more
Hose joint: JIS B0203 Rc 1/8
*Argon gas (including piping and gas   container) and a regulator  should be   provided by customer. 
Temperature 20 to 25℃(fluctuation: 1°C/hor less)
Humidity 60% or less

*Please provide a table for mounting the equipment.
*Specifications subject to change without prior notice.


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