IB-19510CP Cross Section Polisher** This product is discontinued. **

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IB-19510CP Cross Section Polisher
New high-speed and fine milling modes achieve even higher throughput of high-quality cross sections.
Intermittent milling mode is standard, simplifying the handling of specimens susceptible to heat damage.
Improvements to facilitate processing of a wide range of materials include:

The evolution of the Cross Section Polisher (CP)

  • High-speed processing achieved with a new ion source
  • Reduced specimen damage with fine milling & intermittent mode
  • A Quick Start function reduces total process time
  • A monitor camera is standard, allowing real-time monitoring of the milling process
  • Charge preventive IN-situ coating function (option)

IB-19510 Features

★New high-speed ion source
 Delivers 500μm/h (8kV/2 hour average)
Processing results for 8kV, 2 hours (Si)
Processing results for 8kV, 2 hours (Si)
★Selectable finishing
By setting the fine milling parameters after high-speed processing
ion damage to the cross section can be reduced.
Processing results for 8kV, 2 hours (Si)
★Damage reduction with intermittent mode
Intermittent milling mode is standard, allowing heat damage of specimens to be reduced
The intermittent setting can be made in 1 second increments.
Processing results for 8kV, 2 hours (Si)
★ Process monitor function
The process of the cross section can be monitored in real-time by a CCD camera. It is even possible to vary the magnification.
★ Charge prevention IN-situ coating function (Option)
Thin high quality carbon coating is possible, ideal for EBSD and EDS element analysis of non-conductive specimens.
★ Rotation specimen holder (Option)
The holder that allows ion beam milling while the specimen is rotated.
Both cross-section and surface milling can be performed.
It is suitable for specimens prone to artifacts, such as porous materials, powder, and fibers.
It is ideal for finishing to remove milling distortion.

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