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JBX-3200MV Electron Beam Lithography System
JBX-3200MV is a variable-shaped electron beam lithography system for mask making of 28 nm to 22/20 nm nodes. Its cutting-edge technology achieves high speed, high precision and high reliability. This EB system uses a variable-shaped 50 kV electron beam and a step-and-repeat specimen stage.
Utilizing the merit of the step-and-repeat writing method, this EB system combines various functions such as the writing-dose modulation function and the overlay-writing function, thus making it possible to support versatile corrections required for patterning the next-generation masks and reticles.
Captive mask shops and merchant mask shops in Japan and overseas
(Customer names are not disclosed)


Stitching accuracy ≦±3.5 nm
Overlay accuracy ≦±5 nm


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