JCM-5000 NeoScope™ Table Top SEM** This product is discontinued. **

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JCM-5000 NeoScope™ Table Top SEM

The JCM-5000 NeoScope™ economically complements both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs. The NeoScope™ makes it easy to obtain high magnification images with high resolution and large depth of field using a microscope that is as simple to operate as a digital camera, but has the powerful electron optics of an SEM.

Whether used by trained electron microscopists as a simple screening instrument, or by lab technicians as a higher resolution alternative to the light microscope, the NeoScope™ will help accelerate the pace of research in the life sciences, forensics, and failure analysis of manufacturing materials.

Basic operation of the NeoScope™ is simple with auto focus, auto contrast and auto brightness controls. No special sample preparation, such as coating or drying, is required. The NeoScope™ operates in both low and high vacuum modes and has three settings for accelerating voltage suitable for a variety of applications, all of which can be programmed in special pre-stored recipe files.

NeoScope™ Benchtop SEM Highlights

  • Compact Benchtop SEM with automated settings for biological and materials samples
  • High resolution and large depth of field complement optical microscopes or SEM instruments in the lab
  • X10 -- 20,000 magnification without lens change
  • Automatic and manual control with pre-stored recipes
  • High and low vacuum modes
  • No special sample preparation, such as coating and drying, for conductive and non-conductive samples
  • Secondary electron and backscattered electron imaging
  • Three selectable accelerating voltages
  • Sample loading to imaging in less than three minutes
  • Easy to learn and operate


Magnification ×10 to ×40,000
Observation mode High vacuum mode, Low vacuum mode
Electron source Small cartridge electron source
Accelerating voltage 15kV, 10kV, 5kV
Specimen stage Manual, X 35mm, Y 35mm
Maximum specimen size 70mm Diameter 50mm Height
Detector Secondary electron detector, Backscattered electron detector
Data display Accelerating voltage, magnification, micron bar, micron value
Digital image 1,280x1,024 pixels, bmp, tif, jpg
OS Windows® VISTA、Windows® 7
Automatic operation Electron source, focus, brightness, contrast, and astigmatism
Composition Main console + RP (20L/min)
Main console dimensions W492xD458xH434mm
Electric power Single phase AC100V (400VA) 240V (1,100VA)
Room temperature 15°C to 30°C
Humidity 70% or less

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