JCM-6000Plus Versatile Benchtop SEM** This product is discontinued. **

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JCM-6000Plus Versatile Benchtop SEM

Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope. Intuitive operation is achieved via touch panel and new operation screens. The low vacuum mode is included in the standard configuration, and EDS can be installed, offering a truly multi-functional benchtop SEM

Compact benchtop SEM

  • Compact size of 325 mm (W) × 490 mm (D) × 430 mm (H)
  • Sleek exterior design
  • External appearance does not change even when EDS is installed

Intuitive operation

  • Designed with easy-to-understand controls and operation screens
  • Touch panels are adopted to provide more intuitive operation

A Wealth of functions

  • High and Low vacuum modes are standard
  • Length measurement functions are also standard
  • Tilt & rotation motor-driven holder can be installed (option)
  • EDS (elemental analysis device) can be installed (option)

Quick response

  • Images can be displayed 3 minutes after the instrument is started
  • One-touch switching between High vacuum and Low vacuum modes
  • Easy maintenance with a one-piece grid

JCM-6000 in motion

Click the "replay" button in the box above, and the movie will start(for 6 minutes)

Please watch a short movie which is introducing you the features and functions of our benchtop SEM "NeoScope Jcm-6000".
This short movie used to be available only at our factory lobby or at the exhibitions.
Now you can see and feel the real operability of NeoScope by watching this short movie.

*This movie does not introduce "JCM-6000Plus", but introduces "JCM-6000".




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