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JEM-1000 Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscope
JEM-1000 is the ultra-high voltage (accelerating voltage: 1,000 kV) transmission electron microscope among those used in universities and research institutes worldwide.

High resolution capability

Since the ultra-high voltage electron microscope has a high accelerating voltage, the wavelength (λ) of electrons is short, which is a major parameter to determine the microscope resolution (d) with the relation d = 0.65Cs0.25λ0.75, where Cs is spherical aberration coefficient Thus, with ultra-high voltage electron microscope, an atomic resolution image is obtainable regardless the gap width of the objective lens pole piece.

High penetration power and thick specimen observation

Another advantage of ultrahigh voltage electron microscope is high penetration power, which enables to provide clear images revealing the structures of thick specimens.  This is the biggest feature of the ultra-high voltage microscope.  Normally, specimens for electron microscope must be extremely thin. The thinned samples sometimes lose the nature of bulk materials that is usually used as a product.  With the advantage of the ultra-high voltage, a thick specimen while maintaining a bulk nature is observable.

Three dimensional observation and in-situ observation experiment

Especially, by utilizing a large room realized by the wide gap of objective lens pole piece, we can make mini-laboratory around specimen for “in-situ observation” such as a cell filled in a gas atmosphere or increase to perform tomography with high specimen tilt angle.
For a three dimensional observation of a thick specimen, STEM image is very useful, especially if the specimen is micrometer-order-thick.  JEM-1000, which is equipped with these functions, is a indispensable tool for materials and biological researches.  They are being utilized in the frontline of scientific scenes such as biomedical and material development fields, at the laboratories of national institutes and universities worldwide.


Typical specifications*1
STEM 2.0 nm (at 1000 kV)
TEM (lattice, point) 0.16 nm (point, at 1000 kV)
0.10 nm (lattice, at 1000 kV)
STEM x 20,000 ~ x 2,000,000
TEM x 200 ~ x 1,200,000
[Electron source]
Electron source LaB6
Accelerating voltages*2 800, 1000 kV
Accelerating voltage ≦8 x 10-7/min
Objective lens current ≦5 x 10-7/min
[Specimen System]
Specimen stage (Goniometer) Eucentric Side Entry stage
Specimen size 3 mmφ
Maximum tilt angle *3
Travel range (mm) X, Y: ±1
[Option] *4

*1 : Please ask to our staff for special requests.
*2 : For other accelerating voltage, please ask to our staff.
*3 : The angle is highly dependent on holder physical dimensions. Please ask to our staff.
*4 : Please ask to our staff for special requests.


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