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JEM-1400Plus Electron Microscope
The JEM-1400Plus is a transmission electron microscope (TEM) developed for application in a wide range of disciplines, from biology to materials researches, such as biological sections, polymers, nanomaterials and …. New environment is optimized for ease-of -use TEM operations with followings.
  •  New operation panel and LCD screen with touch panel offering simple and ease-of-use operations.
  •  High-precision camera (8 M pixels) fully-integrated with the PC controlled TEM operation system.
  • Off-line viewer software [SightX] enabling to review and edit acquired images on a user’s PC in office.
  •  A wealth of automated functions, including auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-montage.
  •  New image forming lens system, delivering a magnification of x10, and enabling to acquire an entire mesh image.
SightX Viwer

Off-line Viewer software 「SightX Viewer」

One camera covers all magnifications, from searching a target to recording a final image.

With the JEM-1400Plus, images from the ultra LOWMAG mode (min. mag. ×10) to the MAG mode (max. mag. ×1.2 M) can be acquired with only one camera, resulting seamless observation with no switching of cameras or shifting one’s gaze to a fluorescent screen. Using the auto montage function (provided as standard) makes it easy to acquire high-precision images of a wide field of view. 8M pixel camera (high-resolution camera) and a 1 M pixel cameras are selectable depending on user’s purposes.
CCD camera image(2k×2k pixels) 10×CCD camaera image
CCD  camera image (8 M pixels) 10× CCD camera image
Sample: Rat hepatic cells
Sample courtesy of Dr. Shogo Muranaka, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

Point&Shoot function

With this function, user allows to move a field of view to target position pointed by clicking on a previously-acquired image. The Point&Shoot function allows users to view a target image without changing optical conditions such as focus or magnification.

Intelligent Panel

An advanced-function, simply-designed operation panel was developed. The rich and various patterns on the color display of the organic EL enable to display a function of buttons with easy-to-see and user-friendly accessibility.  About 50 kinds of button patterns are provided and the functions of the buttons are customizable on the user’s selection.

Intelligent Panel


Other functions

Following software functions are prepared for user’s special purposes.
  •  Length measurement tools
  •  Image file thumbnail display
  •  Integration with drift correction


Configuration*1 High Contrast (HC) STEM (ST)
Resolution (nm) TEM TEM STEM*2
Particle image 0.38 0.38 -
Lattice image 0.2 0.2 -
STEM bright-field image
(Edge to edge)
- - 2.0
Accelerating voltage
Minimum variable 
33V (U*with correction)
33V  (U*with correction)
Magnification TEM mode TEM mode STEM mode
MAG mode ×200~1,200,000 ×200~1,200,000 ×5,000~2,000,000
LOW MAG mode ×10~1,000 ×10~1,000 ×120~4,000
SA MAG mode ×2,000~300,000 ×2,000~300,000 -
Specimen tilt angle
Tilt-X ±70°(High-tilt specimen holder) / ±25° (Standard holder)
Tilt-Y ±9°  (Using the STH holder)
Travel range 2 mm

*1 Select either configuration when the system is ordered
*2 Requires the optional scanning image observation device


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