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JEM-2800 High Throughput Electron Microscope
JEM-2800 is a versatile TEM/STEM that offers superior usability, while simultaneously achieving high-resolution, high throughput and highly sensitive analysis.

Wide variety of observation modes, including SEM, suitable for any kind of specimen

The newly designed electron optical system offers both high resolution observation and high throughput analysis. JEM-2800 features the quick switching between TEM, STEM, SEM and Electron Diffraction observation modes, and also enables observation in a bright room. In the scanning image modes, one can observe STEM-BF, STEM-DF and SE images simultaneously.  The function enables an operator to obtain variety of information of a specimen at the wide range of magnifications that survey a wide area to the sub-nano-structure.

Operating environment supported by Automation and Navigation

The JEM-2800 provides a variety of automatic functions including contrast and brightness adjustment, adjustment of specimen height (Z), crystal orientation alignment, focusing and astigmatism correction. On the other hands, the navigation system JEM-Navi™, which provides standard procedure via movies for microscope operations, allows us to obtain the reproducible results, with no affection of the operator’s skill level.  With a TMP based vacuum system incorporated as standard, the specimen exchange time is reduced to be approximately 30 seconds.

High speed analysis with the large area 100mm2 SDD (Dual SDD)

High throughput analysis is achieved with JEOLs own wide area (100mm2) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)*1. This detecting system secures a large solid angle, without affection to the fundamental performance of the microscope, enabling quicker and more efficient X-rays analysis than previous models. Also, the selection of the optimal probe diameter suited to the specific specimen and/or measurement enables us to analyze more quickly and accurately.
*1 : option

Data management system and report writing support tool

Responding to many requests from our users, we have developed a total data management system, which enables to make a quick report for the results. The images and analysis data acquired are automatically transferred to the integrated management software - "Image Center" *2 via the LAN.  By accessing the data from a Client PC, the measurements using "Image Excite" *2 and the particle analysis using "Region Gauge Center" *2, are able to perform, and the reports for results is produced using the data layout program "Image Report"*2
*2 : product of SYSTEM INFRONTIER INC.


SEM(edge to edge) ≦0.5nm (at 200kV)
STEM 0.16nm (at 200kV)
TEM (lattice) 0.1nm (at 200kV)
[Magnification](on 24 inches wide LCD)
SEM X100~X150,000,000
STEM X100~X150,000,000
TEM X500~X20,000,000
[Electron Source]
Emitter ZrO/W(100)
Accelerating Voltage 200kV、100kV
[Specimen System]
Specimen stage (Goniometer) Eucentric Side Entry stage
Specimen Size 3mmΦ
Maximum tilt angle
with a double-tilt holder
X : ±20°
Y : ±25°
Travel range
with motor driving mechanisms
X,Y: ±1mm
* piezo driving mechanisms(X,Y)
Major Installable Options EDS
CCD Camera
TEM / STEM Tomography  System


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