JEM-ARM200F ACCELARM Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron MicroscopeRealizing an unprecedented STEM (HAADF) resolution of 0.08 nm

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JEM-ARM200F  ACCELARM Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope
JEM-ARM200F ACCELARM is an Atomic Resolution Analytical Electron Microscope, which boasts an unprecedented STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm with a STEM Cs corrector incorporated as standard.

Realizing an unprecedented STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm *1 guaranteed

The JEM-ARM200F ACCELARM, with a STEM Cs corrector incorporated as standard, and the mechanical and electrical stability enhanced to the utmost limit, achieves an unprecedented STEM-HAADF resolution of 78 pm*1 and 82 pm *2.  And as the Cs-corrected electron probe has a dramatically increased current density, which is one order larger than conventional FE TEMs, the elemental analysis at the atomic-level becomes possible, along with an extremely enhanced throughput.
*1 : with Cold FEG, *2 : with Schottky FEG

Direct observation of atomic column sites of light elements using STEM-ABF imaging

The JEM-ARM200F ACCELARM provides the STEM-ABF imaging mode as standard. This technique visualizes light element column sites in crystalline samples. The STEM-HAADF image is simultaneously observable, since the distance between HAADF and BF detectors are optimized. With the two images, the sites of atomic columns can be easily estimated directly.

Atomic resolution analysis with a large solid angle EDS detector

Elemental analysis served with JEOL's own wide area (100 mm2) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)*3 provides high-speed and high-sensitivity of detection. In addition to this, large probe currents in small probe sizes, offered by the large allowable aperture size of probe forming system due to aberration correction, enables spectral acquisition and elemental mapping at atomic resolution.
*3 : option

Observation and analysis with cold FE gun *4

The cold FE gun, which uses a new vacuum system, can be put in use immediately after flashing, unlike the previous cold-FE gun. In addition, the electron source is small enough to allow even higher resolution images. The narrow energy spread that is characteristic of the cold FEG enables high energy resolution EELS analysis and also decreases chromatic aberration.
*4 : option

TEM Cs-corrector *5

With TEM Cs-corrector, the resolution of TEM image is improved to be 110 pm in the UHR configuration.
*5 : option


Configuration*1 Ultrahigh resolution (UHR) High resolution (HR)
Dark Field mode
82 pm (at 200kV, with Schottky FEG)
78 pm (at 200kV, with cold FEG)
100 pm (at 200kV, with Schottky FEG)
100 pm (at 200kV, with cold FEG)
(point resolution)
190 pm (at 200kV)
110 pm (at 200kv, with TEM Cs-corrector)
230 pm (at 200kV)
120 pm (at 200kv, with TEM Cs-corrector)
STEM x 200 to x 150,000,000
TEM x 50 to x 2,000,000
[Electron source]
Emitter*2 ZrO/W Schottky
W cold (optional)
ZrO/W Schottky
W cold (optional)
Accelerating voltage 200 to 80kV(standard 200kV, 80kV)*3,*4
[Specimen System]*5
Stage Eucentric Side Entry Goniometer stage
Specimen size 3mmφ
Maximum tilt angle*3 X axis: ±25° X axis: ±35°
Y axis: ±25° Y axis: ±30°
Travel range (mm) X,Y: ±1, Z:±0.1
(Motor drive/Piezo drive)
X,Y: ±1, Z:±0.2
(Motor drive/Piezo drive)
[Aberration Corrector]
Probe forming system
Built-in as standard
Image forming system
Major installable options EDS
Digital CCD Camera
TEM/STEM Tomography System

*1 : Select either configuration when ordering a JEM-ARM200F.
*2 : Select either emitter when ordering a JEM-ARM200F.
*3 : With the optional short-circuit switches for the accelerating tube is available for 80 kV and 100 kV.
*4 : 100 kV, 120 kV and 160 kV are possible with the optional adjustments of Cs correctors.
*5 : With the reinforced specimen tilting holder (EM-01030RSTH) or specimen tilting holder (EM-31630).


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