JEM-ARM300F GRAND ARM Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope** This product is discontinued. **

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JEM-ARM300F GRAND ARM Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope

Unprecedented STEM-HAADF resolution – 58 pm

JEM-ARM300F GRAND ARM is an Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope offering a maximum accelerating voltage of 300 kV, and equipped with JEOL’s own Cs Correctors. This instrument guarantees an unprecedented STEM-HAADF image resolution of 58 pm.

Realizing an unprecedented STEM-HAADF resolution of 58pm※1

JEOL’s proprietary STEM Cs Correctors delivers a guaranteed resolution of 58 pm for scanning transmission electron microscopy images (STEM images) (accelerating voltage 300 kV) *1 (when the STEM spherical aberration corrector is configured).

*1 When equipped with the super high resolution pole piece

ETA corrector - JEOL’s own dodeca-pole Aberration corrector ※option

The ETA corrector (Expanding Trajectory Aberration corrector) is composed of a dodeca-poles and expanding by JEOL.
A STEM spherical aberration corrector and/or a TEM aberration corrector can be configured.  A configuration without correctors is also available.

HyperCF300 - High performance cold FE gun

A newly-designed, high performance, cold field emission gun is equipped in the standard configuration. The high-brightness electron beam with narrow energy spread provides high-resolution observation and analysis.

Two types objective lens pole piece

Two types objective lens pole piece with unique characteristics was developed to support wide range of user requests.

Detecting system  ※option

The large solid angle EDS (Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer), EELS (Electron energy loss spectrometer), a backscattered electron detector and  4 types of STEM observation detectors are available.

Wide range of accelerating voltage settings

Accelerating voltages of 300 kV and 80 kV are provided in the standard configuration. As an option, accelerating voltages are selectable in the range from 40 kV to 300 kV to adapt for wide field of applications.

Newly developed vacuum system

High vacuum level is achieved with a new evacuation system. Turbo-molecular pump is used for the pre-evacuation system. This minimizes contamination of specimen, resulting in observations and analysis at the atomic level resolution.

Highly stable column and stage

Stabilization technologies are applied to the JEM-ARM300F, including a 330 mm diameter column for improved mechanical stiffness, as well as overall improved mechanical and electrical stability and durability.

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(with STEM Corrector)
UHR configuration HR configuration
Resolution@300 kV (HAADF) 0.058 nm 0.063 nm
(with TEM Corrector)
UHR configuration HR configuration
Lattice Resolution 0.05 nm 0.06 nm
(Non linear) information limit 
(Young’s fringe TEST with thick specimen) 
0.06 nm 0.07 nm
(linear) information limit 
(3D FFT TEST or thin specimen)
0.09 nm 0.12 nm

* Improvements or changes to device appearance or specifications may be without notice.


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