JIB-4501 MultiBeam SEM-FIB System** This product is discontinued. **

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JIB-4501 MultiBeam SEM-FIB System
The JIB-4601F is a MultiBeam processing system that incorporates a thermionic SEM and a high-performance ion column. The instrument can be used as a SEM system to observe specimen surfaces; or section milling of milling of a region using FIB can be performed, followed by element analysis and observation of the internal portions using SEM. The FIB can be used for fine milling and TEM thin-film sample preparation. The large chamber expands the possible range of applications. A low-vacuum mode enables SEM observation without any coating of insulating material, so it can be used in almost any field.

Total analysis using a combination of thermionic electron emission SEM and high-performance FIB column

The JIB-4501 incorporates a High-Power FIB column, with a maximum probe current of 60 nA, to enable fast milling. It is possible to perform cross-section milling of a larger region, and to also perform SEM observation, EDS* or EBSD* analysis of the site. Since the sequence of tasks can be performed within the same vacuum space, the analysis can be performed without any surface deterioration of the sample due to oxidiation. The large stage can accommodate a specimen with a diameter of up to 75 mm and a height of 30 mm
(*) optional attachment

Serial slicing and sampling function

The JIB-4501 column arrangement has been designed so that a cross section that has been milled using the FIB can be observed with the SEM without changing the stage tilting angle. This enables the user to perform a continuous automated sequence of operations of FIB section milling and SEM image acquisition. If the optional software application Stack-N-Viz is used, 3-dimensional images can be reconstructed to provide a better understanding of the internal structure of the specimen.

Compatible with other JEOL products

The JIB series uses the options that are compatible with the JEM series and JSM series devices. Specimens fabricated using the JIB series can be transferred between other JEOL systems efficiently, to obtain even more detailed analysis with excellent throughput. For example, if a shuttle retainer is used between the JEM series (like the JEM-ARM200F) TEM holder tip and JIB-4501 stage (Fig 1), there is no need for complicated handling of a TEM sample that is mounted to the mesh grid, allowing improved throughput.


Ion source Ga liquid metal ion source
Accelerating voltages 1 to 30 kV (in 5 kV steps)
Magnification x60 (for searching for a field)
x200 to x300,000
Image resolution 5 nm (at 30 kV)
Beam current Up to 60 nA (at 30 kV)
Movable aperture 12 steps (motor drive)
Ion beam shapes during milling Rectangle, line, and spot

Specimen stage
Bulk-specimen 5 axis goniometer stage
Movement range X: ± 11mm
Y: ± 15mm
Z: 0.5mm to -23mm
T: -5° to +60°
R: 360°
Maximum specimen size 28 mm dia. (13 mm H) 
/ 50 mm dia (2 mm H)

Optional attachments

  • Gas injection system 2 (IB-02100GIS2)
  • Carbon Deposition Cartridge (IB-52110CDC2)
  • Tungsten Deposition Cartridge (IB-52120WDC2)
  • Platinum Deposition Cartridge (IB-52130WDC2)
  • Side Entry Goniometer Stage (IB-01040SEG)
  • Probe Current Detector (IB-04010PCD)
  • Operation Panel (IB-05010OP)
  • Stage Navigation System (IB-01200SNS)
  • FIB Tip-on Holder (EM-02210)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder (EM-02220)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 1 (EM-02560FBSH1)
  • FIB Bulk-Specimen Holder 2 (EM-02570FBSH2)
  • FE-SEM Specimen Holder Adapter (EM-02580FSHA)
  • Shuttle Retainer (EM-02280)
  • Atmosphere Pick-up System (EM-02230)


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