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KnowItAll™ Software & Spectral Libraries

Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll Software offers integrated solutions to identify, analyze, and build spectral databases. It supports multiple types of spectral data in multiple file and instrument formats, including NMR and other techniques. Combined with the world's largest spectral reference database of over 2.3 million spectra (NMR, IR, MS, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis) —the KnowItAll Software provides the most advanced system for spectral analysis and identification.

For NMR users, the KnowItAll NMR Spectral Library offers access to over 920,000 NMR reference spectra (573,000 13CNMR, 245,000 1HNMR / proton, and 102,000 XNMR (including the following nucleii 19F NMR, 31P NMR, 15N NMR, 11B NMR, 17O NMR, 29Si NMR) that can be searched or used in spectral predictions.



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