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PreCool ASC30 (A 30 slot auto sample changer with sample cooling)

The PreCool ASC30 is an auto sample changer for NMR that includes sample cooling. It is designed as a safe, simple, compact device that holds samples waiting to be measured at about 4°C. This minimizes the degradation of temperature sensitive samples. The sample carousel at an easily-accessible height, and the samples are transported into the superconducting magnet by the sample changer, so there is no need for a ladder or stairs to load samples into the Pre-Cool ASC30 sample changer. In addition, since the ASC30 pickups the sample holder not the NMR tube, it is possible to safely transfer sample tubes with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Prevents Sample Degradation

Samples waiting to be measured are maintained at an about 4°C, preventing degradation of temperature sensitive samples. This is highly-recommended for biological samples, bio-fluid samples, or food samples that require refrigeration.

Safe and Simple Sample Loading

Samples can be easily loaded into the accessible sample carousel, without using a step stool. This eliminates potential fall risks.

Exceptionally Safe Mechanism

The chuck (sample pickup) mechanism continues to employ the JEOL exceptionally safe design of the previous systems. Since the samples are picked up by the sample holder not the NMR tube, it can safely transport a variety of sample tube shapes and sizes to the top of the magnet.

A More Compact Sample Changer

The compact design connected directly to the SCM (Superconducting Magnet) makes it possible to use the available space more efficiently than before. The supports for the auto sample changer have also been redesigned to allow easy probe exchanges.

Intuitive Operation

The PreCool ASC30 is operationally identical with standard JEOL sample changers therefore even first-time users can operate the PreCool ASC30 without additional training.



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