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RF-120 series RF Generator
A high-frequency power supply (RF power supply) creating 13.56 MHz plasma for thin-film processing and etching, including sputtering, etching, CVD, and ion plating.

The RF-120 series includes DeviceNet, RS232C, and analog interfaces as standard. These are multi-functional powers supplies that offer performance like pattern operation, arcing cut/count functions, and recall of past data. There is also a matching network to facilitate the combination of each power supply and connected device.


  • Pattern operation
    Automatic output control based on output and time data preset in the RF power supply
    Up to 3 patterns with a maximum of 5 points per pattern can be set
  • Arcing cut
  • Arcing count
    Counts the number of times that arcing occurs, and halts output when a preset number is reached
  • Pulse operation (option)
    Pulse frequency: 100 Hz ~ 10 kHz, duty: 20 ~ 80%
    *A pulse-generator must be purchased separately
  • Synchronous operation
    Can be connected to other RF power supplies and operated synchronously
  • Slow-start / Slow down
  • Reflectance limit continuation control
    When the reflected power limiter is triggered, the elapsed time is measured and when the specified amount of time is reached, output is halted
  • Past data memory
    When an abnormality occurs, the internal data from the prior 30 seconds is output
  • Matching completion confirmation
    When the reflected power is less than the specified value, a confirmation signal is output
  • Arcing cut operation confirmation
  • Limiter operation confirmation
  • Incident/ Reflected power monitor output
  • Input power supply confirmation
  • RF output confirmation
  • Error check signal output
  • Various interfaces supported as standard
    DeviceNet, RS232C, analo
  • CE mark compliant (excluding some devices)

Optional functions

  • Manual operation board  (RF-56000)
  • Out-of-phase signal generator (Phase Shifter)
  • Water-cooled input terminal (for ion plating)

Application examples


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RF-12010 RF-12020 RF-12030 RF-12040
Maximum output 750W 1.5kW 3kW 6kW
Output connector N type LS2 type
Input voltage AC 200V ±10V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Input current AC 5A AC 8A AC 20A AC 35A
Oscillation method Crystal oscillation, separate excitation
Oscillation frequency 13.56MHz ±0.005%
Output stability within ±0.5% (Maximum output, 50Ω resistive load)
Ripple within 1% (Maximum output, 50Ω resistive load)
Harmonic distortion - 50dB (at maximum output)
Cooling method Air cooling Water cooling
5~7L/min 5~6.5L/min
External dimensions (mm) Wide 481 481 481 481
Depth 430 504 504 510
Hight 149 199 199 349
Weight (kg) 18 25 27 55

*RF-12040 is composed of Unit1(149mmH/25kg) and Unit2(199mmH/30kg).
*Protruding objects are not included in above external dimensions.
RF-56000 External dimensions : 105mm(W)×305mm(D)×145mm(H)


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