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RF-340 series Matching Network
An automatic matching device to match the load to the 13.56 MHz RF power supply for plasma generation. Matching box + Controller


  • Preset (8 point)
    Records the settings of each of the variable capacitors for the points that have been matched.
  • Auto-preset
    Auto control driving the variable capacitors to the preset settings when output is zero, and then outputting the RF
  • Auto-delay
    No immediate reaction to sudden changes in the load, such as arcing, with automatic operation after a specified period of time has elapsed.
  • Variable capacitor position display
  • Variable capacitor drive range setting
    Control of the variable capacitor drive range setting during automatic operation
  • Vdc display
  • Vdc meter relay
  • Vdc stabilization control
  • Vpp display
  • Vpp meter relay
  • Load impedance display
    When matching is obtained, the plasma impedance is calculated and displayed
  • CE compliant (excluding some devices)


Matching box
RF-34021 RF-34031 RF-34041
Permitted transmitted power 1.5kW 3kW 6kW
Input connector N type LS2 type
Frequency 13.56MHz
Input impedance 50 Ω
Fan power supply DC 24V (supplied from the controller)
Matching control Vacuum variable capacitor
Tuning control Vacuum variable capacitor
Residual reflected power Within 10% of the input power
Cooling method Water (2~3L/min) Water (2.5~3L/min)
Dimensions (mm) Width 370 470
Depth 300 370
Height 205 246
Mass (kg) 15 19
Input power DC 24V, 4A ( to be provided separately )
Dimensions (mm) 140 (W) × 305 (D) × 145 (H)
Control method Digital control
Mass 1.5kg


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