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miXcroscopy™ Linked Optical & Scanning Electron Microscopy System
The same specimen holder can now be used for both the optical microscope and the scanning electron microscope. As a result, by managing the stage information with dedicated software, it is possible for the system to record the locations observed with the optical microscope, and then further magnify the same areas with the scanning electron microscope to observe the fine structures at higher magnification & higher resolution.The observation targets found with the optical microscope can be seamlessly observed with the scanning electron microscope without having to search for the target again. It is now possible to smoothly and easily compare and verify the optical microscope images and scanning electron microscope images.

System Outline

Applicable models:JSM-7800F(LV)、JSM-7610F, JSM-7100F(LV/TTL)

Data acquisition and intuitive observation with the use of color

By adding visible light color information from the optical microscope image (which cannot be obtained with the SEM image) it provides an SEM image with a more intuitive visual effect.

Smooth target search takes advantage of the features of the optical microscope

Performing observation with th optical microscope makes it possible to easily find the target structures, which are difficult to distinguish using SEM images.

Prevents damage to the specimen from the electron beam

To prevent damage or contamination from the electron beam,  finding the area of interest is first performed using the optical microscpe. This enables SEM observation with minimal radiation dose to the observation site.



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