Evolution of Integrated EPMA


FEATURE1 Setting

Holder insertion with Auto Loading!
Quickly find the target observation point!

Specimen insertion and acquisition of an optical image of the specimen holder (Stage Navigation image) is executed with a single click.
The field for analysis can be selected from the Stage Navigation image.

FEATURE2 Analysis

Auto functions enabling anyone to obtain high-grade SEM images
Easy EPMA for fast elemental analysis with simplified instrument setting

In combination of the Auto Focus function of an optical microscope and Auto functions of SEM incorporating a new system with higher accuracy and faster degree of capabilities, any user can acquire high grade SEM images.
Live Analysis enables elemental screening during observation.
“Easy EPMA” is available, so novice users can smoothly operate the EPMA.
Operability is further enhanced with the integration of SEM, EDS, WDS and optical images.

FEATURE3 Easy maintenance

Efficient Calibration with 18 built-in standard specimens

The new spectrometer calibration function reduces the steps of periodic calibration and eliminates misoperations by using in-built standard specimens.
Greater efficiency by running automated instrument calibration in the nighttime.
The maintenance notification function ensures proper maintenance at the required timing.