Room Temperature Control

In order to realize the full potential of high-performance scientific instruments, such as atomic-resolution electron microscopes, it is necessary to maintain a high level of stability of the operation environment, including room temperature variation, air flow and acoustic noise. JEOL has developed a unique and optimal room temperature control system for atomic-resolution electron microscopes, which has been highly praised by many users.

Principles of Hydro radiant panel temperature control systems

Schematic figure of system
Schematic figure of system
Surface temperature distribution on the panel

Cooling water from a dedicated, high-precision chiller flows within the several radiant cooling panels that are installed on the walls of the instrument installation room. The natural convection flow and the radiant cooling eliminate the heat generated by the instrument. Compared to an ordinary air conditioning system, the temperature stability is surprisingly better, with almost no air drafts or noise, creating the ideal environment for the operation of an atomic-resolution electron microscope.

Temperature change/ airflow specifications for JEM-ARM series

Room temperature 15~25°C
Drift 0.2°C /h or less
Fluctuation 0.05°C /min or less
Air flow 100mm/s or less

Sample temperature variation data

Sample temperature variation data

Temperature change comparison Blue: Ordinary air conditioning, Red: Radiant cooling

Example of installation

Case of actual installation

JEM-ARM200F Demo unit at JEOL R&D building
JEM-ARM200F Demo unit at JEOL R&D building
Hydro radiant cooling panel
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Installation room consulting and preparation

JEOL Advanced Environmental Engineering Center can handle all the preparation work for the installation room, including construction, interior finishing, electrical, air conditioning, facilities, and seismic resistance, in order to satisfy the environment requirements for the instrument. We offer solutions to take full advantage of the instrument performance, proposing the optimal construction matched to the customer requirements.

Installation room for JEM-1400Plus

Installation room for JEM-1400Plus

200kV TEM installation room

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