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Delta NMR Software
NMR software ‘Delta’ is the standard software for the JNM-ECZR/JNM-ECZS/JNM-ECA/JNM-ECX/JNM-ECS/JNM-ECA II/JNM-ECX II series instruments. The newest version of Delta 5, is a user-friendly software including an optimized GUI,a multi-user interface, multi-language support and features enhanced automation. A wide range of modern data processing functions are implemented e.g. Covariance NMR, Projection-Reconstruction, DOSY, ROSY, etc.

Main features of Delta NMR software

  • Object-oriented, multi-dimensional data manipulation
  • Digital filtering
  • Fourier transform
  • Multi-dimensional phasing
  • Notch and high-pass filter
  • Linear prediction, BLIP and FLIP
  • Baseline correction
  • Deconvolution
  • Automatic peak detection
  • Data presentation and plotting
  • Data format import and export utilities
  • Delta runs on the multiple platforms: WINDOWS®and Mac OSX.

The Delta NMR software can be obtained in either of two ways: Purchased or obtained as a free trial version.

  • Purchasing Delta
    Delta NMR software is not sold as a separate, stand-alone software package. It is sold integrated with a PC that has been certified by JEOL to run the programs correctly. For further information, contact a sales representative or submit an inquiry from this site.
  • Using the free trial version
    The free trial version can be obtained as a download from the JEOL NMR support site (nmrsupport.jeol.com ) Immediately after it is installed, it can be used for a maximum of 15 minutes each time the program is started. To remove the restrictions, a license key is required.

On-line support available to all Delta users

For users of the free trial version, questions cannot be answered by email or telephone, but can be submitted through the web page.

Delta Tips

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