AccuTOF™ GC Environment, Food, Flavor, & Fragrance Applications Notebook

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Edition August 2021

AccuTOF(TM) GC series Environment, Food, Flavor, & Fragrance Applications Notebook

This is a compendium of environmental analysis, food, flavor, and fragrance related applications notes and JEOL News articles based on the data acquired on JEOL high resolution GC-TOFMS AccuTOF™ GC series (JMS-T100GC, JMS-T100GCV, JMS-T200GC, and JMS-T2000GC).

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Table of Contents

Introduction P1~

  • MultiAnalyzer – Unknown Compounds Analysis System New Gas Chromatograph – Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer JMS-T2000GC "AccuTOF™ GC-Alpha"
    (Ubukata, M., JEOL news, 56, 66 – 72, 2021) 
  • Effect of JMS-T2000GC high mass resolution on the analysis result
    -KMD Plot comparison using msRepeatFinder- (MSTips No. 332)
  • Effect of high mass accuracy on the analysis result by JMS-T2000GC
    -Effect to narrow down the result of msFineAnalysis integrated analysis- (MSTips No. 331)
  • Development of an Integrated Analysis Method for the JMS-T200GC High Mass-Resolution GC-TOFMS by Electron Ionization and Soft Ionization Methods
    (Ubukata, M., Ueda, Y., JEOL news, 50, 83 – 89, 2019)
  • Comparison of performance between PI and FI by using GC-HRTOFMS
  • High-speed 50 Hz Data Acquisition Capability for Comprehensive 2-dimensional GC Measurements (MSTips No. 226)
  • The Qualitative Analysis of an Antioxidant Additive Using the Full Capabilities of the EI/FI/FD Combination Ion Source (MSTips No. 224)

Food, Flavor, & Fragrance

GC/MS P35~

  • Differential Analysis Function in msFineAnalysis Ver 3 (2): Analysis of Coffee Bean Aroma Component using Headspace-GC-TOFMS (MSTips No. 328)
  • Integrated Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters using msFineAnalysis v2 (MSTips No. 301)
  • Integrated Analysis of Coffee Aroma by using a Headspace GC-HRMS (MSTips No. 280) 
  • Comprehensive Analysis + Unknown Component Analysis of Coffee Samples Using Headspace GC-MS (MSTips No. 242)


  • SPME-GCxGC/HRTOFMS Analysis of Tequila (MSTips No. 231) 
  • Aroma Oil Analysis using GCxGC-HRTOFMS (MSTips No. 194) 

Environment & Food Safety

GC/MS P57~

  • Fast GC/TOFMS Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides (MSTips No. 167)
  • Qualitative analysis of pyrazole pesticides in tea leaf by using FastGC-HRTOFMS (MSTips No. 147)
  • Quantitative analysis of pyrazole pesticides in tea leaf using FastGC-HRTOFMS (MSTips No. 148)
  • Examining Selectivity using High Resolution Extracted Ion Current Chromatograms (EICC) (MSTips No. 130)
  • Determination of Triazolam by AccuTOF™ GC/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
  • A new method for pesticides identification: fast GC/time-of-flight mass spectrometry


  • Analysis of Electronics Waste by GCxGC Combined with High-resolution Mass Spectrometry: Using Accurate Mass Information and Mass Defect Analysis to Explore the Data
  • Analyzing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Diesel Particulate Matter using GC×GC-HRTOFMS (MSTips No. 150)

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