Application of Scanning Electron Microscope to Dislocation Imaging in Steel

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JEOLnews Volume 46, Number 1,2011 Masaaki Sugiyama† and Masateru Shibata††

† Advanced Technology Research Laboratories,Nippon Steel Corporation
†† SM Business Unit, JEOL Ltd.

Dislocation imaging using the scanning electron microscope with super hybrid lens will be demonstrated to investigate the dislocation cell walls and single dislocations inside cells introduced by shear deformation in conventional steel. The resolution of the dislocation by electron channeling contrast imaging method is similar to that obtained by conventional TEM observation, and a new approach for the study of dislocations which is possible to detect the heterogeneity of the deformation microstructure will be expected on the view point of the advantage of SEM-BSE techniques. There are two different imaging configurations for doing ECCI, one is a fore-scatter geometry, and the other is a back-scatter one. In the present study, the latter case is utilized, which has advantages for little restriction to the sample size and shape and several applications to the stage design in SEM. Since there are some discussions in the contrast mechanism, the improvement of the backscattering electron detector will bring us several ideas for the application of microscopy to the dislocation study with a combination of the conventional TEM technique.

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