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BS-80011BPG High-power Plasma Source for high-density plasma
The plasma source are incorporated into a vacuum chamber and generate high-density plasma. The plasma source can be used as Plasma Assisted Deposition (Ion Plating) and it is possible to improve film properties for optical thin films, protective films and function films. And can also be used for plasma treatment such as cleaning and surface modification.
  • Low-voltage and large-current plasma enables to ionize and excite gas molecule and evaporated particles.
  • Reactive deposition is possible, especially suitable for a film oxidation promotion. 
  • High-density plasma can be generated in a mass space, thus high-rate deposition to a large area is possible.
  • Retrofit to an existing vacuum chamber is possible.


  • Improvement of film density, refractive index
  • Production of environmentally stable films
  • Low wavelength shift
  • Low optical absorption (promotion of film oxidation) 
  • Improvement of film adhesion
  • Improvement of surface roughness
  • Control of film stress



  • Maximum plasma output : 6kW (160V, 38A)
  • Operating pressure : 1×10-2 to 1×10-1Pa (Ar, O2, N2 atmosphere)
  • Discharge gas(Ar) : 8 to 20mL/min
  • Cooling water : 7 to 10L/min
  • Beam method : selectable from Reflection-beam and Irradiation-beam


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