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400°CVT DVT400

This attachment allows ESR measurements at a preset temperature from 50 to 400°C, using air (above ambient).
The desired temperature can be set from the PC using a USB cable to an X3 series instrument.
Improvements from previous models include speed and stability of temperature. Use of the light irradiation attachment and the Mn2+ marker is possible, and it is suitable for routine measurements.


Variable Temperature Range 50 to 200 °C 2)
Temperature stability ± 0.5 °C
Temperature control Automatic PID method
Compressor flow rate 17 L/min (air)
Power supply(incl. compressor) AC 100 V, 5 A
Applicable cavities ES-UCX2/MCX1A/MCX3B/ODMRC/14010
Sample tube 5 mm (OD)


  • Temperature controller
  • Blower double tube
  • Temperature control adapter
  • Air compressor


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