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Helix electrode electrolytic cell EL30
This cell is used for real-time measurement of radicals generated by electrolysis.

Use of a helical working electrode gives a larger reaction area than a conventional electrolytic cell so extremely high sensitivity detection of generated radicals is enabled. Measurements under vacuum are possible, and the temperature controller and Mn2+ marker are compatible.


Working and counter electrodes Gold (0.5mm φ ).
Reference electrode Silver (0.5mm φ ).
Applicable cavity ES-UCX2/ MCX1A
Sample tube Precision tube 5mm (OD) 3.8mm (ID)


  • Electrolytic cell (quartz sample tube)
  • Gold electrodes, Silver reference electrode
* As this is a special product, please ask your local JEOL representative for advice.
* Please consult your local JEOL representative when purchasing replacement cells.
* As the resonance frequency is subject to large shifts, use with a double tube with temperature controller is recommended. Please consult your local JEOL representative for advice.


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