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BioMajesty™ Series JCA-BM6010/C
A compact, reliable chemistry system with versatile functions
Micro-volume technology
Automatic on-board hemolysis for HbA1c
Smart space-saving design
Max. Throughput
  800T/H for Photometry
  1,200T/H with ISE

Compact and Speedy

Compact analyzer for limited space

Maximum 800 tests/hour (photometric only)

Flexible and Easy Operation

Easy STAT Analysis

STAT port
With one action, you can measure STAT sample. Set the STAT sample in the STAT port and slide the lever to the right.The sample ID will be scanned and the measurement will be executed.

Smart Pause / Smart Start
You can open and close the cover of Sample Tray (STT) without opening the top cover. The analyzer pauses sampling when STT cover is opened. You can add new samples and simply close the cover to restart sample analysis.

HbA1c Measurement

JCA-BM6010/C realizes walk-away HbA1c analysis with on-board hemolysis. HbA1c measurement is performed using blood cell aspirated from the bottom of the sample tube, whereas the other general chemistry assays are performed using plasma aspirated from the upper part of sample tube. Thus, JCA-BM6010/C realizes simultaneous measurement of HbA1c and general chemistry from the same sample.



JCA-BM6010/C Specifications
Throughput Max. 1,200 test/H
Photometry :800 test/H
ISE:600 test/H
On-board Assays
(including ISE)
48 assays
Reaction Volume 80 to 430μL
Clot Detector Standard feature
Auto Hemolysis for HbA1C Available
Rack Handler Available
TLA connection Available
Sample Loading Rack Handler=Option:20 samples
Sample tray:84 samples
Reaction time 3, 4, 5, 10,15minutes
Reaction Bath Inert Oil (37°C±0.1°C)
Regent Bottle(ml) 20, 40, 70
Mixer Spin mixer
Water Usage(MAX) 20L / hour
Measurement points Maximum 42 points
(Every 13.5 seconds in 10 minute reaction)
Measurement wavelengths 340 to 884 nm(14 wavelengths), 1 or 2 wavelengths for calculation
Size(mm) 1,220(W)×850(D)×1,108(H)
Weight(Kg) 450

Rack Handler (Optional)

Model name RAmini
Sample loading 15 samples (3 racks)
Sample unloading 65 samples (13 racks)
Racks Dedicated 5 position rack from JEOL
Rack types Per sample category
(Patient sample, calibrator, and QC sample)
Barcode CODE39, NW7, ITF, JAN
Size Dimensions: 1,580(W) × 1,090(D) × 1,110(H) mm, Weight: 98 kg


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