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BioMajesty™ Series JCA-BM6070/C

Experienced Micro Volume Technology
with Absolute High Throughput and Proven Accuracy

Sample Pre-Dilution

To minimize reaction volume and to ensure high sampling accuracy for consistent reliability of data, JCA-BM6070/C adopts unique sample pre-dilution method (*).
Minimized sample/reagent volume requirement has brought technical advantages in reducing time for aspiration and dispensing, achieving faster processing capability of 2-second cycle time. JCA-BM6070/C realizes high throughput up to 2,400T/H with its small footprint.

(*) Sample pre-dilution method
Dilution Tray (DTT), a dedicated sample pre-dilution unit (from 1-fold to 75-fold), offers standard 5-fold dilution, realizing reduction of requiredsample volume to 1/5 without slowing down the throughput. Other than saline as standard diluent, special purpose diluent (dedicated diluent for immunoassay tests) can be used.

Micro Volume Technology

A broad range of JEOL’s unique technologies are employed in realizing micro reaction volume. BioMajesty™ continues to evolve toward further contribution to advanced quality healthcare. It captures more data in a single droplet and delivers crucial information to the scene of clinical practice.

  • Stable photometry system
  • Elaborate plastic cuvettes
  • Unique probe wash mechanism
  • Distinctive cuvette wash mechanism and techniques
  • Constantly measured cuvette blank
Minimum reaction volume of 60 μL
Carryover prevention for accurate results
Reduced sample volume, Reduced reagent volume

Streamlining Laboratory Workflow

Streamlined laboratory workflow not only brings tangible productivity gain but also enhances the quality of daily laboratory works.
With excellent usability and supreme quality in a single architecture, JCA-BM6070/C opens up new possibilities of your laboratory.

Point-in-space technology for automation and rack handler readiness
Status light making system alerts readily visible from anywhere in the laboratory
DTT offering advantages of automatic repeat testing, automatic sample dilution, and quick sample tube release
Capable of front-loading STAT and specialty samples for priority processing while track or rack handler is running


Model name Automatic Analyzer JCA-BM6070/C
Measurement method Open discrete Reagent Pickup type Pre dilution system
Throughput Throughput: Maximum 2,400 tests/hour
Photometric: Maximum 1,800 tests/hour
ISE: Maximum 600 tests/hour
Simultaneous measurements Maximum 60 assays (63 assays with ISE)
Analysis methods Photometric method, reaction rate assay (RRA), CRA method, IMA method and more
- Sample Tray STT: 84 sample positions with Built-in Barcode Reader
CTT: 61 Refrigerated sample positions
- LAS Point-in-space Sampling for LAS
- Sample dispensing volume 2.0 to 30 μL(0.1 μL / step)
- Sample volume:(after dilution) 2.0 to 25 μL(0.1 μL / step)
- Sensors Liquid-level sensor, clot sensor
- Reagent dispensing up to 2-Part Reagent capability
- Reagent Tray 2 trays refrigerated with Built-in Barcode Readers
- Reagent container 20 mL, 40 mL and 70 mL
- Reagent volume/assay 10 to 80 μL (0.1 μL /step)
Reaction Carousel
- Reaction cuvette Plastic, light-path length: 6 mm
- Reaction volume 60 to 180 μL
- Reaction time 3, 4, 5, or 10 minutes (if extended, 15 or 21 minutes)
- Reaction temperature 37 ± 0.1 °C
- Reaction bath Temperature-controlled reaction bath with inert oil
- Mixer SSR-Spin Mixer
Measurement method
- Measurement points Maximum 40 points
- Measurement wavelengths 340 to 884 nm (14 wavelengths), 1 or 2 wavelengths for calculation
Maintenance Automatic startup and shutdown by timer
Workstation PC, LCD color monitor
Host interface RS232C
Size Dimensions: 1,770 (W) × 937(D) × 1,490(H) mm, Weight: 725 kg

Rack Handler (Optional)

Model name RA-101
Sample loading 100 samples (20 racks)
Sample unloading 100 samples (20 racks)
STAT sample Loadable from the STAT lane (3 racks)
Self-starting by simply placing the rack on the lane
Racks Dedicated 5 position rack from JEOL
Rack types Per sample category
(Patient sample, calibrator, and QC sample)
Barcode CODE39, NW7, ITF, JAN
Size Dimension: 700(W) × 1,000(D) × 1,165(H) mm, Weight: 110 kg


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