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BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series

High throughput

Micro volume technology

Auto rerun

Back-up capability

High Throughput

  • JCA-BM8000 series offers 1,200 TPH per module with connectivity of maximum 6 modules.
  • Minimizing the loss in throughput, dilution cuvettes are automatically transferred to the fastest, available module for assigned measurements.

Micro Volume Sampling Technology

  • JEOL's outstanding sampling technology realizes micro volume sampling (minimum 2μL for primary samples and 1μL for diluted samples) for JCA-BM8000 series.
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series

Auto Rerun

  • With its unique auto rerun mechanism, JCA-BM8000 series requires no re-loading of primary sample for auto rerun.
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series

Back-up Capability

  • JCA-BM8000 series also offers "Backup" capability, depending on the test combination on the modules.
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series

Ultra High Throughput (Analyzer Module)

  • The throughput of analyzer module of BM8000 series is maximum 1200 test per hour.
    Each module is a random access single module so that it always maintains the highest possible throughput when integrated.
    Maximum 50 reagents can be set on each module.
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series
Specifications Note
Analyzer Module 1,200 test/H Reagent Pickup Type,
Random Access
Single Module
Minimum Sample Volume 1.0 μL
Minimum Reaction Volume 50 μL
On-board Reagent availability Max. 50 bottles Available Large Bottles:
20ml, 40ml, 70ml:
Module Integration Up to 6 module Max. 7200 test/H

Sample Dilution Module (DEM) - ISE Units and CTT

  • The ISE units on the JCA-BM8000 series are 600 test/H/unit.
  • Maximum 3 units can be installed on the DEM.
  • BM8000 series also have Refrigerated Sample Tray (CTT).
  • You can run scheduled auto control or calibration using the CTT.
BioMajesty™ series JCA-BM8000 series

ISE Unit

Specifications Note
ISE Unit 600 test/H
Sample Volume Min. 22μL
# of Units Max. 3 Units Max. 1,800 test/H


Specifications Note
# of Positions 60
Refrigerated Yes
Auto Control Available per hour or per # of samples


JCA-BM8020 JCA-BM8040 JCA-BM8060
Throughput Max. 4200 test/H
Photometry :Up to 2400 test/H
ISE:Up to 1800 test/H
Max. 6600 test/H
Photometry :Up to 4800 test/H
ISE:Up to 1800 test/H
Max. 9000 test/H
Photometry :Up to 7200 test/H
ISE: Up to 1800 test/H
Available Assays(including ISE) 203assays
Reaction Volume 50 to 120μL
Clot Detector Standard feature
Auto Hemolysis for HbA1C Not Available
Rack Handler Available
TLA connection Available
Sample Loading Rack Handler=Option:300 Samples
Sample tray:60 samples
Reaction time 3, 4, 5, 10 minutes
Reaction Bath Inert Oil (37°C±0.1°C)
Regent Bottle(ml) 20, 40, 70
Mixer Spin mixer
Water Usage(MAX) 59L / hour 104L / hour 149L / hour
Measurement points Maximum 64 points (10minute reaction time)
Measurement wavelengths 340 to 884 nm(14 wavelengths), 1 or 2 wavelengths for calculation
Size(mm) 3155(W)×1350(D)×1266(H) 4545(W)×1350(D)×1266(H) 5925(W)×1350(D)×1266(H)
Weight(Kg) 1260 1960 2660

Rack Handler (Optional)

Model name RH300
The maximum number of samples loaded 300 (5 positions times 30 racks times 2 lanes)
Sample containers 5mL, 7mL, and 10mL tubes
Rack ID Barcode controlled
Supply method Two supply lanes of front loading
STAT rack port on side
Racks Dedicated two lanes each with a tray as well as rack supply
Size Dimension: 1,105 (W) × 1,315 (D) × 1,266 (H) mm, Weight: 175 kg


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