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BioMajesty™ ZERO series JCA-ZS050


Carryover Avoidance

Carryover avoidance mechanism is ready for various sample types. Flexible-Access technology and 3 wash modes boosts throughput and assures high-quality analysis.

Probe Wash
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO
Mixer Unit Wash
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO
Cuvette Wash
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO
New Dilution Cuvettes & Drying Nozzle
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO

Micro-volume Technology

The unique dilution mechanism, the strong tradition of BioMajesty™ series, bolstered by the state-of-the-art technologies; The chemistry analyzer contributes to advanced quality healthcare by delivering "more data from the single droplet" to the scene of medical practice.

Small Volume Sample Mode
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO
Sample Cup Adapter for Small Volume Sample
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO
Proven Micro-Volume Technology - Extra micro volume measurement with Min. 40μL reaction volume
BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO

Innovative Operation

Innovative 4 Samplers with advanced user interface bring distinguished operability, further accelerating the throughput of your laboratory.

  • REAGENT PAUSE Function
    Reagent can be refilled or replaced without cancelling the operation. Selectable of running re-calibration and QC sample measurement after resuming from the pause.
  • Reagent Bottle Switching
    A calibration curve can be created per reagent pair with quick access to each control data.
  • ISE PAUSE Function
    ISE reagent can be replaced while running time-critical ISE tests. Once ISE reagents are replaced, measurement quickly resumes after priming.
  • Automatic Reagent Blank Measurement
    Reagent blank measurement can be configured to run automatically at system startup. It requires no manual intervention such as setting saline for the blank measurement.
  • Active Trace Feature
    Information vital to data analysis is promptly accessible from on-screen test results. Reaction Process Data Check Assistance Tool captures abnormalities in real-time.

Simple Maintenance

Regular maintenance area is allocated within a 40 cm reach from the front. Easy maintenance requires no tool or no manual repositioning in replacing the cuvettes, the probes, the mixing rods, the lamp and sealing material for pumps.

BioMajesty™ series JCA-ZS050 ZERO


Model name Automatic Analyzer JCA-ZS050
Measurement method Open discrete Reagent Pickup type
Pre dilution system
Throughput Throughput: Maximum 1,800 tests/hour
Photometric: Maximum 1,200 tests/hour
ISE: Maximum 600 tests/hour
Simultaneous measurements Maximum 60 assays (63 assays with ISE)
Analysis methods Photometric method, reaction rate assay (RRA), CRA method, IMA method and more
- Sample Tray STT: 80 sample positions with Built-in Barcode Reader
CTT: 60 Refrigerated sample positions
- LAS Point-in-space Sampling for LAS
- Sample dispensing volume 2.0 to 30 μL(0.1 μL / step)
- Sample volume :(after dilution) 1.0 to 25 μL(0.1 μL / step)
- Sensors Liquid-level sensor, Clot sensor, Clash sensor
- Reagent Tray 2 trays refrigerated with Built-in Barcode Readers
- Reagent container 20 mL, 40 mL and 70 mL
- Reagent volume/assay 5.0 to 70 μL (0.1 μL /step)
Reaction Carousel
- Reaction cuvette Plastic, light-path length: 4 mm
- Reaction volume 40 to 120 μL
- Reaction time 3, 4, 5, or 10 minutes (if extended, 15 or 21 minutes)
- Reaction temperature 37 ± 0.1 °C
- Reaction bath Temperature-controlled reaction bath with inert oil
- Mixer SSR-Spin Mixer
Measurement method
- Measurement points Maximum 65 points
- Measurement wavelengths 340 to 884 nm (14 wavelengths), 1 or 2 wavelengths for calculation
Maintenance Automatic startup and shutdown timer
Workstation PC, LCD color monitor
Host interface RS232C
Size Dimensions: 1,470 (W) × 904 (D) × 1,493 (H) mm, Weight: 550 kg

Rack Handler (Optional)

Model name RH100
Sample loading 100 samples (20 racks)
Sample unloading 100 samples (20 racks)
STAT sample Loadable from the STAT lane
Self-starting by simply placing the rack on the lane
Rack types Per sample category
(Patient sample, calibrator, and QC sample)
Size Dimension: 800 (W) × 1,025 (D) × 1,275 (H) mm, Weight: 230 kg


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