JEM-3200FS Field Emission Energy Filter Electron Microscope** This product is discontinued. **

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JEM-3200FS Field Emission Energy Filter Electron Microscope

The JEM-3200FS Field Emission Electron Microscope is equipped with a field emission electron gun of 300 kV accelerating voltage and an in-column energy filter which shows high performance. This electron microscope offers solutions for various biological and materials researches.

In-column energy filter (Omega filter)

The in-column energy filter, built into the imaging lens system, makes possible a magnification range comparable to those obtained with conventional electron microscopes, and makes energy filtered images and energy loss spectra easy to acquire. The electron optical system of the energy filter (omega filter) is designed to minimize the distortion of images, and furthermore, residual distortion is finally eliminated in the factory before shipping. 
The optional high sensitivity camera system and optional image processing system make possible the construction of an element mapping system and energy loss spectroscopy system.

New control systems

Systemizing basic functions of electron microscopy, such as the electron gun, electron optical system, goniometer, and evacuation system realizes a highly stabilized, high performance control system. 

The use of Windows®*1 for the image screens and user interface makes possible the programming of  operations and the central control of attachments.

New goniometer

The new systemized goniometer with piezoelectric driving elements shows much improvement in specimen shift at high magnifications*2.

*1 :  Notices:Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
*2 :  Only the piezoelectric elements are included in the basic unit. The power supply for the piezoelectric elements is optional.


Configuration*1 Ultrahigh resolution
High resolution
High specimen tilt
High contrast
Energy Resolution 0.9 eV(zero loss FWHM)
Accelerating Voltage 300kV,200kV,100kV*2
 Step size
 Energy shift
100V minimum
3,000 V maximum (0.2 V steps)
Electron source
 Emitter ZrO/W(100) Schottky emitter
 Brightness ≧7×108 A/cm2 ・ sr
 Vacuum About 3×10-8Pa
 Probe current 0.5nA for 1nm probe
Power Stability
 Acc. voltage 2×10-6/min
 OL current 1×10-6/min
 Filter lens current 1×10-6/min
Objective Lens
 Focal length 2.7 mm 3.0 mm 3.5 mm 3.9 mm
 Spherical aberration 0.6 mm 1.1 mm 1.4 mm 3.2 mm
 Chromatic aberration 1.5 mm 1.8 mm 2.2 mm 3.0 mm
 Minimum step 1.0 nm 1.4 nm 1.5 nm 4.1 nm
Spot Size (nm φ in diameter)
 TEM mode 2 to 5 2 to 5 7 to 30
 EDS mode 0.4 to 1.6 0.5 to 2.4 4 to 20
 NBD mode 0.4 to 1.6 0.5 to 2.4 -
 CBD mode 0.4 to 1.6 0.5 to 2.4 -
Parameters for Convergent beam Diffraction
 Convergent angle(2α) 1.5 to 20 mrad -
 Acceptance angle ±10 ° -
 MAG mode ×2,500 to 1,500,000 ×2,000 to 1,200,000 ×1,500 to 1,200,000
 LOW MAG mode ×100 to 3,000
 SA MAG mode ×8,000 to 600,000 ×6,000 to 500,000 ×5,000 to 500,000
Field of View Slit width at 10 eV 60 mm (on film surface)
Slit width at 2 eV 25 mm (on film surface)
Camera Length
 SA diffraction 200 to 2,000 mm 250 to 2,500 mm 400 to 3,000 mm
EELS Dispersion
 On energy selection slit 0.85 μm/eV at 300 kV
 On film surface 100 to 220 μm/eV at 300kV
Specimen Chamber
 Specimen travel range (X,Y;Z)(mm) X,Y : 2
Z : 0.2
X,Y : 2
Z : 0.4
 Specimen tilting (X/Y) ±25°/±25°*3 ±35°/±30°*3 ±42°/±30°*3 ±38°/±30°*3
 Solid angle 0.13 sr 0.09 sr
 Take-off angle 25° 20°

*1 :  Specify either configuration (UHR, HR, HT or HC) when ordering the JEM-3200FS.
*2 :  100 kV and 200 kV become possible when using optional short circuit switches for the accelerating tube.
*3 :  When the Specimen Tilting Holder (EM-31630) is used.
*4 :  An optional EDS is needed. Specifications apply to a 30 mm2 detector.


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