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JEOL-IDES Products

IDES is a leader and pioneer in the field of time-resolved TEM,specializing in pulsed lasers and high-speed electrostatic beam blanking and deflection technologies. IDES’ products add time resolution to the TEM's exceptional spatial resolution enabling new applications and the exploration of the dynamics of specimens across a range of very fast time scales.
time scale and range

JEM-2100 Time-Resolved TEM

JEM-2100 Time-Resolved transmission electron microscope is designed for pump-probe experiments using one or more lasers to study transient phenomena in specimens. 
Users can directly excite the sample with a laser, and generate photoelectron probe pulses with a UV laser, to probe the sample in imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy, or spectral imaging modes.
JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM is an extremely versatile platform that allows users to choose their optical configurations with a multitude of different laser types to conduct ps stroboscopy, ns stroboscopy, ns single shot (SS), and/or ns "movie mode (MM)" measurements, as well as conventional thermionic mode, with a single instrument. JEM-2100 Time-resolved TEM is a 200 kV TEM based on a JEM-2100Plus and is modified to introduce laser beams directed toward the cathode (electron source) and the sample, including laser optical systems as standard and the laser(s) as options.

Relativity Electrostatic subframing System

The IDES RELATIVITY Electrostatic Subframing System multiplies the frame rate of cameras on JEOL TEMs.
Microscopes equipped with RELATIVITY achieve exceptional time resolution, data throughput, and advanced automation capabilities.

Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM)

The Electrostatic Dose Modulator (EDM) is a fast beam blanking system with a pre-sample electrostatic deflector, including electronics and software control. With EDM, the beam can switch on or off in less than 50 ns. This 100,000x improvement in blanking speed immediately improves the clarity of data taken at fast exposure times. EDM can also attenuate electron illumination without affecting imaging conditions, giving TEM and STEM users exceptional control over the dose on their samples. Cutting-edge electronics and software add-ons unlock advanced applications such as temporal dose structuring and STEM synchronization.



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