JPS-9200 Photoelectron Spectrometer** This product is discontinued. **

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JPS-9200 Photoelectron Spectrometer
This is a high-sensitivity photoelectron spectrometer for general application, with a wide analysis range from 3µm&phi to 3mmφ.

Micro Ion Gun

A highly precise ion etching gun with JEOL-unique electron optics technology.
The narrow etching area, enables repeated measurement of the same specimen.

Hybrid Input Lens System

General purpose analysis from micro area to a high area free from specimen damage is now possible, by changing the detection area as desired, instead of focusing the x-rays.

Data analysis software for surface analysis

Besides our conventional waveform separation method, new waveform separation algorithms using the actual spectrum and utilizing the standard spectrum library of XPS and AES have been incorporated. This frees operators from complicated parameter settings that require experience and expertise, making it possible for even a novice to carry out complicated chemical bonding state analysis.


Resolution and intensity for spectrum
Ag3d5/2photoelectron peak (equivalent to 300 W MgKa excitation)
The distance between the points at 16% and 84% of the full intensity,
which are obtained by line profiling of a specimen scanned perpendicular to the slit, is taken as the analysis diameter (spatial resolution).
Analysis diameter
0.9 eV
1.15 eV
Macro 900,000 cps or more 1,800,000 cps or more
1mm dia 480,000 cps or more 900,000 cps or more
0.2mm dia 50,000 cps or more 100,000 cps or more
0.03mm dia 1,500 cps or more 3,000 cps or more
Al/Mg twin anode
Maximum power Mg 500W, Al 600W
When using monochromatic X-ray source
Ag3d5/2photoelectron peak (equivalent to 600 W AlKa excitation)
Intensity (cps) 100,000 cps or more
Resolution (eV) 0.65 eV
Input-lens system Combined electromagnetic and electrostatic lenses with a field-of-view and acceptance-angle apertures
Detector Multi-channel detector
Energy sweep range 0~1480 eV
Pass energy (CAE) 5 to 200 eV
CRR ΔE/E  0.15 to 0.5 %
Standard holder 10 mm x 10 mm x  2 mm (thick) maximumUp to six specimens can be loaded simultaneously
Large holder 90 mm diameter 1.5 mm (thick) maximum
Specimen movements X: 0 to 50 mm; Y: 0 to 18 mm,Z: –2 to 2 mm; T: –10 to 10°
Ultimate pressure in analysis chamber 7×10-8 Pa


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