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JSM-IT200 InTouchScope™ Scanning Electron Microscope

JSM-IT200 is an easy-to-use SEM focused on cost performance of high functionalities of JSM-IT500 (higher-end model) of InTouchScopeTM, with significantly higher throughput.
Specimen Exchange Navi, a beginner-friendly function, offers guided operation from sample loading to area search, and SEM image observation. “Zeromag” for seamless transition from optical to SEM imaging, “Live Analysis”*2 for real time display of elemental analysis results, SMILE VIEW(TM) Lab for seamless report generation of observation and/or analysis results, etc., provide fast analysis with integrated transition from OM to SEM.
Fast observation, analysis and report generation!
JEOL InTouchScope™ series, the high performance analytical tool with major three functions.

Specimen Exchange Navi: Guided operation from sample introduction to observation

A step-by-step guide to sample exchange, condition setting and automatic imaging.
Specimen Exchange Navi

Fast observation! "Zeromag"

You can locate the specimen area or specify analysis positions with Holder Graphics or Optical CCD image*1 displayed on the Main screen.
Specimen Exchange Navi

Zeromag image displayed on the Main screen

Fast analysis! "Live Analysis"*2

The characteristic X-ray spectrum from the measurement area and the main constituent elements are displayed during observation.

SEM observation screen

Live analysis

Fast report generation! SMILE VIEW™ Lab: integrated data management

Single-click of the data management button displays the Data management screen, allowing you to generate a report of all images and analysis data, as well as review or re-analyze already-acquired data.

*1 To take a CCD image, optional SNS (stage navigation system) is required.
*2 Applicable to LA (Low Vacuum & Analysis) versions.


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