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JSM-IT800 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The JSM-IT800 employs a new easy to use GUI "SEM Center", that serves as a common platform that enables a full range of functionality from high resolution observation to high speed elemental mapping. This platform features a JEOL In-Lens Schottky Plus Field Emission Electron Gun, a next-generation electron optical control system "Neo Engine" and a fully embedded JEOL EDS system. Moreover, the system can satisfy various needs of users by utilizing an innovative hybrid design of SEM objective lens.

The JSM-IT800 has two versions based on the objective lens type: Hybrid Lens version (HL version) as general-purpose FE-SEM and Super Hybrid Lens version (SHL version) for observation and analysis at ultra low accelerating voltage and at highest resolution. A new UHD (Upper Hybrid Detector) is a standard detector for SHL version, and makes it possible to obtain image with significantly enhanced S/N allowing easy observation with high image fidelity.

In addition, new backscattered electron detectors, Scintillator Bacskattered Electron Detector (SBED) and Versatile Backscattered Electron Detector (VBED) can be incorporated.
SBED enables acquisition of material contrast image with excellent sensitivity at low accelerating voltage, while VBED can help to obtain images of 3D, topography and material contrasts by employing multiple detector segments.

In-Lens Schottky Plus Field Emission Election Gun (FEG)

The integrated In-Lens Schottky Plus and low aberration condenser lens achieves high beam brightness. Ample probe current (100nA@5kV) is available even at low accelerating voltage. This allows the user to perform high resolution observation, high speed elemental mapping, EBSD analysis and Soft X-ray analysis with minimal adjustment of SEM parameters.

In-Lens Shottky Plus Field Emission Election Gun

Neo Engine (New Electron Optical Engine)

The nex-generation electron optical control system, a masterpiece of JEOL's electron optics technologies is incorporated. Stable observation is  possible while adjusting various microscope parameters. Furthermore, the system features enhanced auto-functions for additional ease of use.


Before auto focus adjustment
NeoEngine (New Electron Optical Engine) オート前
After auto focus adjustment
NeoEngine (New Electron Optical Engine) オート後
Specimen: Sn nanoparticles on carbon
Accelerating voltage: 15 kV, WD: 2mm, Observation mode: BD, Detector: UED, Magnification: x200,000

SEM Center・EDS integration

Full integration of microscope GUI "SEM Center" and JEOL EDS has brought about the next generation of SEM utilization. Moreover, the JSM-IT800 incorporates Smile Navi (optional) that can assist a beginner with how to operate an SEM, LIVE-AI (artificial intelligence) filter Live-AI (Live Image Visual Enhancer-AI:LIVE-AI)(optional) providing easy viewing of live image, and SMILE VIEW™ Lab for fast report generation.

SEM center・EDSインテグレーション




SMILENAVI is an assistant tool designed for beginners to allow smooth basic SEM operations. When the operator clicks on the appropriate button as indicated by the SMILENAVI flowchart, the SEM GUI is linked to the click operation for operator guidance. Since the GUI displays operation steps and button locations, operators will be able to operate the SEM without using SMILENAVI.


LIVE-AI filter (Live Image Visual Enhancer-AI:LIVE-AI)

Utilizing the AI (artificial intelligence) capability, LIVE-AI filter is incorporated for a higher quality of live images. Unlike image integration processing, this new filter can display a seamless moving live image with no residual image. This unique feature is very effective for quickly searching observation areas, focusing, and stigmator adjustment.

Comparison of live images

LIVE-AIフィルター (Live Image Visual Enhancer-AI) 蟻の表面
Specimen: Ant exoskeleton, Accelerating voltage: 0.5 kV, Detector: SED
LIVE-AIフィルター (Live Image Visual Enhancer-AI) 鉄さび
Specimen: Iron rust, Accelerating voltage: 1 kV, Detector: SED

Hybrid Lens version (HL;Hybrid Lens) /
Super Hybrid Lens version (SHL;Super Hybrid Lens)

JSM-IT800 series objective lens design combines magnetic-lens and electrostatic-lens (Hybrid Lens Design). Thus, observation and analysis of various samples is possible from magnetic sample to insulation sample with high spatial resolution.

UHD;Upper Hybrid Detector

UHD, a new detector incorporated in SHL version objective lens is highly efficient in detection electrons arising from the specimen, enabling acquisition of images with enhanced S/N ratio.

UHD(Upper Hybrid Detector)

Example of High Spatial Resolution Observation using UHD

Specimen: Alumina particles, Accelerating Voltage: 0.5kV, Observation Mode:BD, Detector: UHD, Fine step structure of several nm on the specimen surface can be observed.
Specimen: Aluminum (boehmite), Accelerating Voltage: 0.3kV, Observation Mode:BD, Detector: UHD, Surface structure of thin sheet specimen can be clearly observed.
Specimen: Cellulose Nano Fiber (CNF), Accelerating Voltage: 0.2kV, Observation Mode: SHL, Detector:UHD+UED (addition mode)
Specimen: courtesy of Prof. Hiroyuki Yano, Research Institute for Sustainable Humansphere, Kyoto University.
Organic fiber can be observed by reducing damages caused by electron beam.
Specimen: Cerium Oxide, Accelerating Voltage: 1.0kV, Observation Mode: SHL, Detector:UHD
Specimen: courtesy of Prof. Seiichi Takami, Nagoya University

Specimen: Cross section of  IC Chip (ambient etching), Accelerating Voltage: 5.0kV, Observation Mode: SHL, Detector: UHD, UED (backscattered electron mode)
Secondary electron image can be observed by UHD and backscattered electron image can be observed by UED.

New Backscattered Electron Detectors

Scintillator backscattered electron detector (SBED) has excellent sensitivity and is useful in obtaining material contrast image at low acceleration voltage. Versatile backscattered electron detector (VBED) enables acquisition of characteristic images such as 3D and surface topography based on divided detection element shape.

SBED (Scintillator backscattered electron detector)

Use of scintillator for detector has improved detection sensitivity and responsiveness compared to semiconductor element.

ultra-thin section of rat cerebellum (inverse contrast)
Specimen: ultra-thin section of rat cerebellum (inverse contrast)
Accelerating Voltage: 2.0kV
Specimen: toner、Accelerating Voltage: 1.5kV
copper plate (observation of transition)
Specimen: copper plate (observation of transition)、Accelerating Voltage:25kV

VBED Images (Versatile Backscattered Electron Detector)

Semiconductor detection element is divided into 5 segments, making it possible to select the signal suitable for the observation purpose.

Angle selection

Specimen: Scintillator, Accelerating Voltage: 3.0kV
Depending on the acquisition angle of backscattered electrons, the composition information is enhanced by the inner segment, while the topography information is enhanced by the outer segments. Moreover, comparing the contrast of fluorescent body beneath the AI deposition film, the different depth related information can be potentially investigated.

3D reconstruction

On-chip micro lens of CCD element
Specimen: On-chip micro lens of CCD element, Accelerating Voltage: 7.0kV

Reconstruction of a 3D image is possible using 2D images obtained from four segments.


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JSM-IT800 (SHL) JSM-IT800 (HL)
Resolution 0.5 nm (15 kV) 0.7 nm (20 kV)
0.7 nm (1 kV) 1.3 nm (1 kV)
0.9 nm (500 V) 3.0 nm (15 kV, 5 nA, WD 10 mm)
3.0 nm (5 kV, 5 nA, WD 10 mm)
Magnification Photo magnification : X 10 - X 2,000,000 (128 X 96 mm)
Display magnification : X 27 - X 5,480,000 (1,280 X 960 pixels)
Photo magnification : X 10 - X 1,000,000 (128 X 96 mm)
Display magnification : X 27 - X 2,740,000 (1,280 X 960 pixels)
Accelerating voltage 0.01 to 30 kV 0.01 to 30 kV
Probe current A few pA to 500 nA (30 kV)
A few pA to 100 nA (5 kV)
A few pA to 300 nA (30 kV)
A few pA to 100 nA (5 kV)
Detector (Standard) Secondary electron detector (SED)
Upper hybrid detector (UHD)
Secondary electron detector (SED)
Upper electron detector (UED)
Electron gun In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun
Aperture angle Control Lens (ACL) Built-in Built-in
Objective lens Super Hybrid Lens / SHL Hybrid Lens /HL
Specimen stage Full eucentric goniometer stage Full eucentric goniometer stage
Specimen movement X: 70 mm, Y: 50 mm, Z: 1 to 41 mm
Tilt: -5 to 70°
Rotation: 360°
X: 70 mm, Y: 50 mm, Z: 2 to 41 mm
Tilt: -5 to 70°
Rotation: 360°
Motor control 5axis motor control 5axis motor control
Specimen size (Draw out) Maximum diameter: 170 mm
Maximum height: 45 mm (WD 5 mm)
Maximum diameter: 170 mm
Maximum height: 45 mm (WD 5 mm)
Large Depth of Focus (LDF) Built-in Built-in
Specimen exchange chamber Built-in Options*

Details of DrySDTM detectors

Detection area 60 mm2
Energy resolution 133 eV
Detectable elements B to U
Data management function & report creation SMILE VIEW™ Lab

Principal Options

  • Upper electron detector (UED)
  • Backscattered electron detector (BED)
  • Scintillator backscattered electron detector (SBED)
  • Versatile backscattered electron detector (VBED)
  • Transmission electron detector (TED)
  • Low vacuum (included Low vacuum backscattered electron detector (LVBED))
  • Low vacuum secondary electron detector (LVSED)
  • Electron backscatter diffraction system (EBSD)
  • Wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer (WDS)
  • Soft X-ray emission spectrometer (SXES)
  • Probe current detector
  • Specimen exchange chamber (HL)*
  • Stage navigation system
  • Chamber camera
  • Operation table
  • Operation panel
  • Track ball
  • Montage
  • LIVE map
  • LIVE AI filter


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